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September 23rd, 2010, 1:37 pm


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you're all so weird fro enjoyin' this silly comic, esp. now ='I thankyou so so so so so much everybody ... =') <3

also, also, i cant understand why you all liked that first page of this chapter, it's beyond me- but thanks so much for being so uuuh expressive with your words about it ='D blimey!!

i do not deserve this man x'I

PLEASE EXCUSE MY BAD SPELLING from here on out!! (and many times before that)

@3eoclock no worries, not quite over yet dude- i thankyou so muc for the enthusiasm x'D it is taking me a whiole righ tnow, with these bad teeth Dx

@mamorii i love your art so much;; x'I

@train that would totlaly earn you loads of cash- your new job LOL x'D

@hayleythecat your eyes are sparkleong, i can tell from that beautiful icon of yours x'0 i have to say your words totally tocuhed me man, ilu guy x'0 <3

@mandy-kun heeee =0

@rennakins LIES you are srsly amaizng, nuff said Dx thank you tohugh dude Dx

@AliceRose i have to say it's speical thanks to you that i found the amaizngness that is passionpit- thank you SO MUCH!! I havent heard mew, well i have now, they sound aqwesome dude =0 you should reccomend me music, please x'D

@heigei your words touch me beyond any reason man, thnak you so so much ='I it's so uplifting to hear =#I

@lyco *love*

@novembertree thank you so much dude, your words are so tocuhing- i cannot express the words right now ='0

@emily isnt it? (thesong) i love passion pit ='D that song really fits this chapter i have been listneing to it whilst drawing this- thank you as well =')

@qwchestr read the above comment aobut passion pit, but also, thnak you so much for the enthusiasm ='D

@democahtte gods, i just feel so blessed that you have 'parings' or you link this comic with parings, this makes me feel bigger than i acutlaly am ='D

@piano i love love touching hands, or rather, touching a guys hand when you like him aarghhh//off topic hahah x'D thanksfor commentign though dude ='D

@mildtarantula gosh thank you man, you make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside with your uplifitng words, thank you ='D

@GERUGERU ooh mannn thnak you for reading and commenting dude ='D iluy and miss you so much and aarrgh now orries, i a sleeping like a got right now too, how is your tooth? LOL random question!

@leeland I'M SO GLAD YOU ARE SO EXITED!! do you know whrre peona is as well?? is she OK? ='D

posted on September 23rd, 2010, 2:21 pm


posted on September 19th, 2019, 2:41 am


MUSIC MUSIC if you like that kind of music you should listen to beirut! they're all folky and they kind of remind me of you and your comic, same with iron and wine.. but to be honest they all sound pretty similar

but mew are like my new favourite thing right now they're so much better than those others. hawaii is my favourite song. the lead singer kinf of sounds like the passion pits singer only without all the electro pop

also last but not least i spent like the whole day listening to LITE
they're like this japanese instrumental band so there;s no singer but its just awesome walking music

posted on September 23rd, 2010, 3:05 pm


ahaha its really a shitty month isnt it!
my godfather was just there,super awkward
I'll try writing you on msn but it seems you didnt get my last message idk!
ahh my tooth ... better if you dont ask,
let me just say its now "teeth" how am I supossed to eat with those motherf. hurting like this!

posted on September 27th, 2010, 11:32 am