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September 17th, 2010, 2:18 pm


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they won't let me take my tooth out. thus, i am in a very bad mood. but i hope it doesn't come through in these pages.

the reaction to the last pages was pretty overweling, i really dont know what to say,l but man i am one lucky dog x'(

@heigei dude you are too kind Dx

@radicaltrain you are rarely happy so it's nice to see that this comic makes you happy ='D ~

@gwnne i'm so glad you like it Dx

@3eoclock ahh i'm glad you are exited by it at least dude;;; x'D thank you so much Dx

@michikals I'm so glad you like it, thank you man ='D

@hayleycat matt pleases me e_e LOL sorry thank you so kuch for liking this comic dude Dx

@Qwchestr oh mannn ='I your comment was so overwelmingly lovley, i do not know what to say- thank you so much ='I

@haruhi oh golly, those words ='I thank you man idk what to say x'0

@lolcrayon i was curios what does me gusta mean?? x'D

@novmembertree ohh i'm so glad it is OK i just hoe you dibt get bored, thank you so much ='D ahh, I live in the small little country of UK LOL;; //lame haha xD

@GERUGERU you are my best friend, all those bloody comment,s thank you x'D it was a joy to read and yeah you said soem nice tihngs aobut those characters so i was very happy, you are so observant dude x'I

@Alice this last comment you made acutlaly made me laugh out loud (this is rare no matter how much i write LOL) your comments are awesome, thank you x'D

@emily thank you for being so exited is all i can say thank you ='D

@thesirens d-did it really make you cry? if so, oh man, that's so touching to know- thank you so much dude ='I

@lyco dude your comment was touching beyond words, thank you so much ='I you can't be serious aobut the crying though *laugh8 thank you though ='I

@mildtarantula ahh i'm so glad you are entertained and not bore,d thnak you ;____;

@eternalbleiver i love your comments very much, thank you <'D BTW!!! I must let you know i read head ove rheart, all 30 page somg!! but i havent commented yet becausde its so long x'D giove me a day and i will leave a comment, sorry!!!

@mandy-kun stalking is fun e_e thank you for always commenting dude ='0

@YPOU ARE AWESOME TOO who are you??? you must be someone i consider truely awesome ='0 *i'm exited* who is it??? ='0 this comment was treceived on a bad day and just idk totlaly made my day, i'm so touched is all..thank you so much for commenting whoever you are and show me your drawings i'd love to see them- reveal yourself ='0 i-i feel so flabberghasted that you are in tears thank you so much man i do not deserve it ='I

@chibbyshibby i'm so glad you like it ='I thnak you so much!!! x'(

@zeromotion honestly because i respect you so much i feel very blassed that you are so exited- is that weird x'D

@supervillian i'm so happy to make someone happy =')

@chrimmelbrot i love you and your art so much that i'm just incredably happy to know you are reading *sobs* ='D thnak you so much dude ='D

posted on September 17th, 2010, 2:38 pm


posted on September 21st, 2019, 1:40 pm


You're welcome! I always try to comment when I can =3

posted on September 17th, 2010, 10:57 pm


ahaha it was about time I made them,
I'm so darn lazy Dx I'm sorry bb!
I get so sleepy recently
but I shall spam you here and in msn!
alright,he has more balls than I thought ;D haha I thought he'd just enjoy the hug a-/clicks next

posted on September 23rd, 2010, 1:28 am


haha dont worry about commenting, im jsut glad you read it ^_________^ *big grin
And im really glad you like my comments cos sometimes I dont even know what to say, but i really do enjoy commenting on your comic :D

posted on September 25th, 2010, 4:00 pm