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August 23rd, 2010, 12:13 pm


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this, is a very string opinion;

there are many comics out there which stylisticly speaking are breaking boundires, and strive to be purely alternative in style and also idea, but what annoys me at times is how narrow these comics can equally be; they strive so much for just -one- thing, and i feel that a comic can be more than just one thing, stylisticly and story wise. a certain cokmic doesn't have to look a certain way to speak a certain way 9although this could be debated).

with everything there is a happy medium- what i want to strive for peornsally is the kind of stories that can be any genre, but work for eveeryone on a whole other level.

an example comes to mind; it's maybe a cliche but most PIXAR foms- ok you can call it cliche, but ;lets face it, PIXAR is famous for a reason,. no matter what subject, on a more shallow levle, that they tackle, the themes and ideas that they simply [romote is one that can be related to with almost everyone- because it relates to you simply not as a group or stereotype but as a human being, which we all are.

some art films are acutally pretty lame if you ask me, because thjery force you tihnk and you have to go in on a certain mood, thinking- there are ofc. absolutley flat, dull, simple and predicatble films out there which are just too easy.

the perfect SDTORY imo, is one that can grasp you and oull you in and allow you think, naturlaly, welcoming you to think on your own terms. some of the most easiest stories which appear to be so simple and so cheesy, can be so real

the same goes for music. i peornsally have a wide taste in music, because music is not about what sort of music it is, it is about weather the music touches you, or not =)

okay i'm rambling i make no sense.

posted on August 23rd, 2010, 12:22 pm


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