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July 15th, 2010, 2:16 pm


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first of all-

thank you so so much for all of this art i cant really afford to receive it anymore it's drving me mad and soon my head will be too big to fit in thru the door Dx thank you from the bottom of my heart ='I


but also i was curious and wanted to know, what was your most awkward moment with someone?

I hope people read this, i am curious hahah *nosey* xD;;;

@murr i am so glad you are enjoying the ocmic very much, thank you very much and god bless you for reading so quickly it's so many pages O_O

@star-samurai ahhh man thank you for taking th etime to comment when you are busy doing beautiful artowkr and comics of your own, thank you ;u;

@3eoclock okok i would agree that webcomcis are important and there are some bloody aweosme one sout ther, its just this si not one of them LOL! i'm glad you are exited, sorry if i dissapoint Dx thank you very much ;u;b

@lexi wow i cant bleive you started reading this comic not long ago, amazing to read it all, god bless you and thank you ='I

@rainbowcrayon LOl xD thank you ='D

@peona ahh i sound so nosey asking questions but honestly it is interesitgn to ge tto know ppl and its great that ppl answer so honestly!! XD thank you fro your comments dude ='D

@november tree LOL i dont bleive you everytimew you say that, its too flattering but thnak you- your art is so beautiful i feel honoured ='I

@rennakins ahh dont say that!! but thnak you that really tocuhed me youve no idea ='D

@schimmelbrot thank you so so much for the bowie picture thank you, ill treasure it forever ='D also your comment about this comic really brightened my day darn it ='I

@Leeland ahh blimey, thank you so muc for saying that, i mena it gives more confidence, thank you very much ='I

@mandy LOL xD thank you ='D

@alice ASHAHAHHA XD you make me laugh, i am no good and i know it and it has to stay that way to make room for inmporvement, on th eother hand, thank you so much for saying lovley things all the time, i do not deserve it ='0

@anasha ahh thnak you so much for your support- bleive mee everything will get better, and i am aboslutley fine for now so do not worry, thank you so much tho =) i am very lucky someone decided to buy those books, so i had money for a few markers for now =))

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE WHO COMMENTS AND READS ARRRGHH i tihnk i will expload from all this support ='((((

posted on July 15th, 2010, 2:27 pm


posted on September 21st, 2019, 1:47 pm


XD We love you so much, lol.

I adore this page! You can totally see Penelope's mixed feelings about that announcement... Aw, cheer up Penny!

posted on July 15th, 2010, 3:31 pm


my most awkward moment was a few weeks ago it was hilarious.
basically, this girl i have not ever met in my life, but goes to my school was pregnant, and her and her baby daddy are all going through a proper jeremy kyle moment. anyways, i do the only right thing to do which was obviously facebook stalk her and the boyfriend for months. please don't think i'm a proper stalker okay it's just that her life was proper interesting AND THE BABY DADDY BEEN CHEATING ON HER AND WROTE ON HIS FACEBOOK "IT AIN'T MY BABY, BITCHHH" anyway a few months later i actually meet the guy in real life, completely forgetting that he has never met me before ever, i somehow blurt out his name. and he's all like.... how do you know my name. FFFFFF I'VE BEEN FACEBOOK STALKING YOU SORRY.

the end.

posted on July 15th, 2010, 4:56 pm


Pffff no problemo, I enjoy this comic alot - so I feel obligated to comment my reaction. LOL. And heehee thankyou. ;v;

Auuu Penpen~

posted on July 15th, 2010, 8:53 pm


yknow, throughout this comic, i've been falling in love with the girls' fashion!
the clothes you draw for them are so stylish! makes me feel like a hobo...T-T

i dont think you sound nosey at all. i like the fact that youre interested in knowing more about your readers-shows you care! :D

oh gosh, my most awkward moment...

i have two, and they are related.

the first happened when i was about...seven? i'd always had a crush on one of my big brothers
friends-David. (i mean really, he was just so cute and cool.)
and one day when dave and his twin drew were over, my brother and i were making fun of drew by
telling him that one of MY friends had a big crush on HIM.

well, with me being totally and completely naive and not really knowing the pro's and con's of liking someone...(after drew and my bro left)...went up to david and kinda sorta maybe...implied that i liked him.

and, being a perfectly normal ten yearold...he ran away. and left me feeling like the biggest idiot to ever walk the earth.

the second, i've already mentioned before, was about a year ago when one of my dude friends randomly asked me out.
he caught me at the beginning of the school day and told me to wait for him outside after the day was done.
and it was pretty obvious what his intentions were, so i was dreading the meeting for eight hours...i felt like puking.
(and i felt guilty for feeling like puking)
i had thought of all these things to say to him when he asked me, but when he finally asked-i was blank except for the 'dont say yes, dont say yes' going through my head.

so i drew out my rejection in my nervousness and made the whole thing sooooo akward...>.<

ugh. thanks for making me relive those moments...(but it's okay, really)

i support you all the way! so go ahead, express your happiness in spontanious combustions. :)

posted on July 16th, 2010, 11:21 pm


I have had alot of arkward moments with people so I will tell you my most recent one!
There was this guy at college I used to see all the time. I didnt know him or anything. Never spoken to him ever, I was just curious cos I always see him walking around on his own. He was a very mysterious person and still is when I think about it...
But I did know he was studying multimedia and his class was right next to my one. And his class also happened to be showcasing a final art exhibition so I went to check it out. So I purposley went looking for his work, which was a website. Then I found out he had a facebook! So as soon I got home I sent him a message via facebook about how much I liked his website etc. He was really nice about it and replied back :)
I felt stupid messaging him cos I have never spoken to him in RL. Later that week, I was wih my friends, they wanted to go in the multimedia room to see someone. But he also happened to be in there. (I didnt know that at the time) So when I ducked my head through the door,he saw me and we were both staring at each other in um... shock? He did look really suprised to see me. I think he was thinking, "hey ain't she that girl that sent me that random message on facebook??" Then he turned away and I felt soo arkward and embarassed cos I remembered that message I had sent him O_o After that strange moment I waved at him but he didnt see it. A teacher was standing right by him though, so he must have thought I was waving at him cos he waved back at me then my friends started laughing. They had no idea!! If only they knew who I was actually waving at! XD
It was a hilarous moment when I look back at it now. After that I kept seeing him in the corridors but I was too afarid to approach him at the time. And everytime our eyes met he would look away really quickly, that was definitely an arkward moment. I also felt a bit guilty too. U_U
Hope that little story made sense, Im not so good at explaining things XD
Btw I did finally get the chance to speak to him, ON THE VERY LAST DAY OF COLLEGE!! How ironic is that?? haha XD
Oh yeah 3o-s-knight, Please tell me your opinion on this experiance of mine, I'd like to hear it lol. as i havernt actually told anyone else about it XD pfft I dont mind the internet world knowing either though

posted on July 20th, 2010, 10:25 am


most awkward mooooment
my brain is too tired to remember
something particular buuut
most awkward ones are always the ones
in public D: < ! like you cant just forget
about it cause othe rpeople saw argg

posted on September 11th, 2010, 6:56 am