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June 11th, 2010, 11:15 am


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well even if you dont read this bit usually, i plead you do,

i just wanted to give a big big big thank you to everyone who reads this comic - thank you for all these masses of messages on monday and thank you to everyone who reads and supports ..bah it sounds silly, but i gotte say it, i appologize for sounding so cheesy, though ='I

i hope i am expressing well enough how greatful i feel today, =] i do not know how else to express thanks, if there are other ways do let me know =)

@leeland i am so greatful that you understood it- thank you so much ='D

@chabo awe, your comment is so cute and sweet ='D thank you for commenting =))

@demochatte awe, your words are very touching to hear, thank you so much ='D

@novembertree you are welcome ofc. to comment or not comment as you wish!! it is understandable, sometimes we have notin to say =)!! thank you for commenting when you do =')

@stripedorangesocks do you know my e-mail?? send me your adress we can send eachother letters 9when we can!!I know its far way but doesn't matter ='D ) I'd LOVE to get lots of your doodles and scribbles ='D

@Zeromotion HAHAHA XD yesss i am so sorry it took so long i have to say god bless you for making the effort and taking the time to do so =))- thank you so so os much for this fansrt, gera also translated to me what you guys were talking about in the comments bit ahaha xD I am told i need your msn so we can talk more =D i hear you are the same though, in that we are busy + tend to dissapear a lot form th einternet XD *internet hermits!!* i was curious i see a lot of SP art, do you have any OC's? =))

@peona i' m sorry, i am a day late with the update ='0 but how was your borthday?? ='D I'm glad btw that you guys are updating oo-da-lee more often now >DD thank you for commenting, your comment made me laugh so much, i enjoy hearing such personal tohughts?//self Dx

@hose i love this name, hose XD thank you ='D

@alice LOL your comments make me laugh, i am glad as wlel that it is easier to understand, thank you for cheering me up ='D

@amante I am glad to know this, thank you for commenting ='I

@heigei ahhh idk i mean i rly am not a good artist =( I am bummed forr being so tired because i want the energy to improve- THANK YOU FOR UPDATING ZOMBIE LIFE!! =)))

@amyof lamposts i have to thank you and god bless you for taking the time to read so many pages!! Dx your comment has made my day, thank you so much, it is really good to know someone is enjoying this comic, thank you ='D

@schimmelbrot if you dont mind me saying i love your name, it is so cute and everytime i see it i have to say it to myself ahaha xD is it a german word?? thank you for commenting =')

@guest thank you!! I wish i knew who you were xD

@tozz i hate to sound very ummm self centred but i have to say it is greatly appreciated to know that this comic is hitting someone hard- rly one day i hope to achieve comics where people can feel comfort in going thru simmilar epxirences. I know what you mean about tryin to distance yourself, but you keep coming back- maybe for some people there is just a antural need to love, no matter what the cost is, some people have a talent for distancing themselves and some people simply cannot- well it's nice to know you feel this way, how lolvey that you are very open about it too =) also thank you, your comment made my day Dx

@anasha w-wow ='o well all i can say is, I was having a really bad night and felt so sad today, and then i read this single comment and it made my day and has touched me in a way i cannot explain, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart =')) also, btw i am curious what other comics? reccomend =DD

posted on June 11th, 2010, 11:43 am


posted on September 19th, 2019, 2:37 am


I agree! Adorable page

posted on June 20th, 2010, 6:40 pm