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June 5th, 2010, 8:30 pm


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@korimicheele thank you for your honesty!! I am sorry if the pacing is rather slow =SS anmyuways to make it quicker any advice? I'm a real sucker for slow pacing it often gets the better of me- and i rlaise this update will be very slow too so i appologize muchly Dx thank you very much for letting me know man =D

@november rain- no way, it amkes perfect sense, i guess you need to find a balance =] it is a worry that this comic is wayyy too slow at times sigh ='I perosnally i am a big fan of slow pacing- but i alo think in a webcomic it doesnt always work, it reds better when put wholly into a book (like blankets by craig thompson)thank you very much for commenting btw =D

@hayley LOL XD you make me alugh, thank you for commenting ='D

@peona your passion for this silly comic always touches me deeply in a way i cannot express- thank you ='D i hope ther wasnt too much miscommunication in the comic, either- i will be self involved for a moment and say that clifford is being a bit distant- because as far as i know this is how men seem to act after greif (only in my epxirnece) the interestign thing is tho that i always meet the same kind of men XD do you tihnk they can act differently?- for advice, do you tihnk this is out of character? sorry to ask for cirt like this Dx //self indulgent rambling over uuurgh! thank you for always commenting so passionately ='D

@venoomaster JEDIS!!!

@alice hey alice...guess what- IT TOTLLAYGOT YOUR ALTTER!!! i've been waitign to tell you in my letter to you but i figured i would just let you know now- it was srlsy one of the BEST letters ive ever recived, it srsly made me laugh so much, so much so i will always look at it when i feel blue and i keep showing it to my firneds ='D THANK YOU FOR THE BULBASAUR CARD DUDE!"!! how did you know this was my fave pokemon?? O havent touched an oldie pokemon card in years!! also i have not posted the space clifford up on this comic for two reasons, 1.) I want your permission first, 2.) it;s just so precious to me i kind of wanted it to be a secret (unless you give me permission to post) i know that sounds weird LOL i wont explain, other than the ltter is very sentimental to me ='D i cant wait till you receive whatever i give you~~~ >D ps. im glads you understood the comic and i am glad you are enjoying, thank you for commenting ='D

@soxy it's cool man, i am not a paranoid manner XD (someone who gets pissed if the other doesnt talk to them ) I'm quite a commitmentphobe on msn too, i tend to leave/go offline w/o saying anything, often because i fall asleep Dx how about you? I HOPE WE CAN TALK SOON!! I hope your life is well and thank you so much jus' for keepin' in contact ='D

thank you everyone for commenting =))) thank you so much, youve no idea how much i appreicate it Dx I hope this update is not too slow paced.


posted on June 5th, 2010, 8:54 pm


posted on September 19th, 2019, 2:33 am


yes! another update! and so soon! :D

yeah-i was thinking that it was out of character for cliff-but now i totally see what you mean.
i just dont have a lot of experiance with 'grieving dudes'.

haha, i think that theyre stuck with acting like that for life.
they might wise up after doing it serveral times to specific people, but they'll probably end up doing it to others that they haven't had as much...bonding with? that doesnt seem right. connection? something like that.

i would assume that its a defense mechanism of the mind
that is activated when they encounter people or events that make people become 'not trustworthy'.

DX sorry! i sound like such a know it all-and i actually hate psycology! im sorry! i dont have any experiance, really-so im probably wrong anyway.. >.<

you did a great job! this is actually a great way to MORE into the character. we're seeing another side of him, and its interesting to see how this is going to affect the story. :D

posted on June 6th, 2010, 11:49 am


YAAAAAY I'M GLAD YOU GOT IT! i guess i'll continue sending you little things and update you with my life lol

you officially have permission to post anything i do! although i always get annoyed when i do things traditionally because for some reason i just can't draw with a pencil! it's like i can only draw like myself when i use a tablet. whats wrong with me lol buut i'm glad you like it anyway!

also i figured bulbasaur is so awesome it had to be your favourite character.

posted on June 6th, 2010, 5:05 pm


Penelope loves talking XD

posted on June 16th, 2010, 3:09 pm