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May 20th, 2010, 11:45 am


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my bad, it's a shitty small little update- basically with my final uni projects finishing next week and putting up a final show, i am swamped! on top of that, i have flu this week, so very sorry for a small update ='(

thanks all for your comments and bloody hell, thank you very much for the discussion on stereotypes and music- fantastic!

@RadicalTrain: have you listened to spitz? they are /were ne fo my faveourite japanese bands, and i think you would like them because they seem to fit a lot of the bands you mentioned once =D i'm not sure if i agree with labelling or sterotyping- i tihnk you see i agree to some extent because everything fits somewhere to an extent- eg. sometimes you need these things- say for shops like when you need to find food, or a certain kind of music or you are looking for a book or movie. i don't think i agree with labelling/seterotyping on ppl however, i feel people are people. i do think some people (young people) do fall into groups- but as we get older you become a mixture of all things and become more yourself rather than a certain 'type' of person- interesting =)

@peona LOL your enthusiam for the characters is delightful =) thank you! you said earlier about hoping that jigsaw would turn mackensie down, and well, it was planned from the beggning that she would, because not all things in life work out and karma tends to work it's magic , i feel. i hope it came off OK //self talk. lol! sorry about that Dx pansy-ish? not at all, i am TOTALLY the same! if i wasn't- i still consider listening to all kinds of music very wise, open minded and a brave thing to do- it's amazing how many people are too put off to try everything =o. i did used to be into heavy metal but these days i have grown tired of it (i think form listening to too much as a kid). Queen is wonderful, another great queen song is 'radio gaga' and crazy little thing called love' - bohemium rahpsody is amazing =) i also agree- COUNTRY IS AMAZING!! if done in the right way- i'm guessing a lot of people think of the more pop style country music? but i mean the traddtional BLUEGRASS stuff is amazing, and the riffs and- i really love female blue grass-because my dad works in sound i grew up with a lot of bblue grass and went to the biggest blue grass fesitval in the world every year. do you know alison krauss? is one of my faveourites =) you are very right about the exxaguration of stereotypes, and thereofre the sort of need for people to live those- a self forfilling profecy, which causes a lot of crime and thugs, which is a shame =( it happens to all of us. only very recently even, geeks have suddenly relaised that it is OK to look stylish and be into geeky stuff xD! (ok that is maybe a bad example). yes, i have to say it bothers me that some people are not racist at all but get accused of doing so, because everyone is prehaps too careful right now =( also, i find cliques fascinating, because here in the UK we don't have anything like that at all =0

@gothbird yes i love that sort of music too- i think you could call it 'american rock' or that's what we call it over here xD eg. the scrubs soundtracks are full of it so i download them all ahahaha XD yes- i agree with you to an extent, like i do think sterotypes are there for a reason- the sort of stereotypes you talk about (like 3d animators being into their games) kind of makes sense because genuinly if you are going to take an interest in your education you are going to be into simmilar things =) as said earlier i also think that as we get older we fall less into strict groups and kind of get into everything/just become ourselves with no particuclar rules =) god, you must hate that- i remember once i went to a con with a friend who is asian, actually she is thai and some ranodm guy assumed she was japanese and started speaking japanese to her =I;; which i felt was realllly judgemental Dx generally i am not fond of 'otaku' or i guess weeabo's, because they are generally so exited by this they do which you've just described Dx they seem to be know it alls sometimes as well- like they assume they know a lot about the country of japan for example , but idk..i feel you'd have to visit and emmerse yourslef in a country to really get a hold of it's culture =) i guess that doesnt apply to just otaku's, mind you =I ps. yay batman!! me and my fella have been wathcing batman braveand the bold, an exellent cartoon!! xD have you seen??

@venommaster you need not say no more; dragon force has amazing gitaur solo's Dx

@siren skitzo music is great! i am fascinated with the vocaloid phenominon! esp. because i know nothing about it xD i have no idea why it is so famous or what is is exactly! but i do know there are characters and things..? idk,,,; yes!! dome your music tastes vary i see, and i love all those bands <D~ do you know uhh just Yuki'? (it reminded me xD i also love emi hinouchi you may well enjoy her music =D as for sterotypes that sounds nasty what you went through, and i am sorry ot hear that you had to go thru that because of where you are from?? =S As someone form the UK i do not know much about it but i have heard on one occasion or two about the sort of battle against east coast and west coast?? I really dont know much about it ='I here in th eUk there is a lot of bad mouthing against us southerners because we are 'posh' and dont work hard enough' and arent 'working class enough' - that is only firm idiots tho- ironicly here in the south we all do a lot of farm work , just because we live in the ocuntry doesnt mean we are too 'rich' LOL; funny aint it? =S

@kicksatanout i will say only this: we have the EXACT dame fave types of music LOL- YES!!! i too love 9o's music!! )(the brit pop stuff not the pop music but you know what i mean) i sort of grew up with it having done al my growing up during the 9os, but these days i can really appreciate it as great music- do you know uuuh ocean coloured scene? one of my fave 9o's guys ='D also recenly i redescovered the song 'drinking in LA' xD

@eternal LOL yes i know you love korean music, definatley and what a great genre it is- i really love the large groups!!! it's a culture of music that amazes and delights me ='D you must reccomend some bands and people for me to download please ='D

i am sorry if i did not reply to everyone, but i have to say thank you so so, so so so so much to everyone, you're all wonderful for reading and i couldnt do it without you for goodness sake =')

you have no idea how greatful i am...thank you ='))

posted on May 20th, 2010, 12:58 pm


posted on September 19th, 2019, 2:34 am


IIIII. Have never heard of spitz.
lolzerz, "fit in" with my music. *rolls around*
Whenever I get recommendations like that the band usually turns out to be something I hate. xD
I will look, though.

Well yes, the older you get, the less and less labeling becomes relevant, but it's usually only weeaboo whiny teenagers who say things like "LABELS ARE FOR SOUP CANS *SHOP AT HOT TOPIC*" and I just must say that I for one will not eat something from a can that has no label. Though that is irrelevant to people.
Labeling people I feel is good in the "get to know you" way. Like, "Tell me about yourself." "Well in short I'm -insert label-" instead of LOOOOONG WINDED EXPLANATIONS OF WHO YOU AREEEEE. 'cause most people don't care. |: At least not at first. I know I don't want to hear someone's life story when I first meet them, I just want a general idea.
Back to soup cans, just 'cause it says "Tomato Soup" doesn't mean it's good soup. Or what it tastes like. Or what's in it, but just the general idea (tomatoes, for example). You'll actually have to crack open the can and get at it to know what it's REALLY like. But at least you went in with a general idea.
That's how I respond to the "blah blah soup cans labels blah blah don't blah label blah me"

EDIT: 'kay, watched a couple Spitz videos. They do seem like something I'd like, but.. I dunno. They kind of remind me of the pillows, with eccentricity of Quruli. But I just can't get into them. Not bad, just not up to my standards (which are stupid and complex).

posted on May 20th, 2010, 3:52 pm


I agree with about the stereotyping people thing. At my local film group we have to do a film on youth subcultures. So we've been looking at emo's,chav's, goth's,etc. I don't like it cos it's basically stereotyping and the whole goth vs chav thing is so cliche and boring. :(
I like goth music too (well not as much any-more) but I'd never dress like one, you cant put a label on me I won't let you. -_-
But well because of this project I have been forced to talk about "cosplay" "manga" and "Japanese fashion" alot to the other kids there. Basically I'm pretending that's my subculture when its always been a personal thing to me not a subculture :/ Its amazing how ignorant people are about manga etc. You know XD
Oh you want me to recommend some, ack there's so many but it's really easy to download their music online.So I recommend
MBLAQ, Super junior, Seo Taiji, epik high, and dong bang shin ki, B2ST, 4 minute, 2NE1, SNSD, 2PM
Singers: Rain, BOA. Crystal Kay: (She's Japanese though)
And I also recommend Outsider because he is pure awesomeness, and one the most fastest rapper's in the world.If you can be bothered do check out his song "Alone/Loner <3 And unlike most rappers he raps songs that can relate to us people who struggle "psychologically" in life.

posted on May 25th, 2010, 6:33 pm


Scrubs? Like the tv show? Well, I'm sure you do, cuz I don't think there's a band with that name. I love they're soundtracks. They always have such good taste~ : D I have the whole thing on my dang ipod. Yeah, you seem level-headed enough to understand stereotypes like that.
It's nice to see that 8D
Wow, seriously? That IS really judgmental. Seems like that happens a lot to different races, not just asian of course C:
And yes! I LOVE that show! I'm such a huge superhero nerd, I loved that episode with the Music Meister~ That show's awesome~

Aww, even though she said that, she still looks sad. I doubt anyone can just erase all those feelings like that. :C

posted on May 31st, 2010, 10:58 pm