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May 14th, 2010, 2:09 pm


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good god, whoever reads this comic;

thank you so so so so so so so so so so much- i honestly dont know what to say, the er, reaction to the last page was over welming-

i can't thank you enough for your support and kindess over a comic like this- so thank you from the bottom of my heart, srsly =')

@heigei LOL xD thank you for reacting so wildly!!! thank you everso much ='D

@3eoclock i still love your icon Dx most guys i know dont know how to bloody act like men, sadly, they all seem to not be able to tlak aobut emotions, do you know what i mean or is it just me? ='I *reads shoujo* lol!

@pinao-kun blimey thank you so much for this reaction it totlaly made my day ='D btw wow you have such a great taste in jazz music!!! [ps. speaking of princess and frog isnt the swing on that ost amazing?? ='D i love you randy newman!

@radical-train LOL yes i see what you mean xD thank you for commenting =)

@leeland LOL Xd thank you so much ='D

@lackadaisy thank you very cuh, i am ver yhappy you enjoy the page =))))

@amante-kun wow it's relay cool to know soemone who has negative opinions aobut characters- it is interesting- and thank you ='D

@fluffmuff LOL xD thank you so much!!!

@chiru as my fella pointed out i tihnk th ekiss is a little flat looking- kisses are so hard t draw Dx have you ever doen it??? i'd like to see how you do it!!! you are always so analytical in your comments, so thank you- please dont stress over not commeitng, you are free to comment or not comment <)

@siren thank you very much your reaction is bloody wonderful, you have no idea, thank you ='D

@lolcrayon LMAO XD

@hayley again LOL xD I love the way people write so funny xD thank you very much ='D

@alice you resct too storngly aarrrghh idk how to react to this reaction Dx i feel overwlemed, thank you so much!!!

@ur momma LOLLOL i'll never grow tired of your comments XDDD

@soxy i'd LOVE to do msn with you!!!! my e-mail is amesuki@gmail.com i'd love to chat againagainagain!!! yoiu know i rly miss tegaki e there's rly notihng like it- it's like a much cooler DA Dx i went onto the japanese versiona d suprisingly it was shite compared to the english version LOL

@chabo LOL thank you man you have no idea how greatful i feel Dx, also i love your icon where is it from??

@ kicksatan LOL XD

@eternalbleiver uurgh i do not bleive it is well dranw i feel it is quite stiff, thank you for commenting so frequently!!! ='I (well this is the second to last chapter(s))

@oeona i LOVE reading your comments you are always so in depth, sadly i cannot talk about them which is a shame because i feel it's just too self orientated to talk about them >__< but i just want to say how wonderful that they are so insightful =')i will say in general i used to be a big softie on people but as you said someone who messes around shouldnt mess around with you any longer >=( i tihnk a lot of people make this mistake!!!

@goth-bird from the bottom of my heart, i cannot thank you enough ='D that is all i cna bloody say for now aargh Dx i appologize, but srsly, you are awesome =I

@Venom master LOL you always know of what to say xD im suprised a man reads such an emo comic hahahahaha XD

please excuse my AWFUL typing, but thank you everyone =SSS

posted on May 14th, 2010, 2:30 pm


posted on September 19th, 2019, 2:34 am


No it's totally true, I've only met two guys that were able to talk about emotions.

One was a con man, the other was the best man I've ever known. : < So, you should always be wary of the ones that can talk about them!

posted on May 14th, 2010, 2:58 pm


yes! yes! she's laughing at him!

this is good! this is good!

posted on May 14th, 2010, 3:35 pm


I love this page~
Jigsaw's expressions are adorable : O

And thanks to you for always responding to even my short lame little comments. C:

Oh my. Afro's face. Is it too late? C:

posted on May 14th, 2010, 6:02 pm

Venom master

well, ecchi get emo sometimes too and I still live:3

posted on May 14th, 2010, 9:10 pm



posted on May 15th, 2010, 1:43 am


I'd probably react the same way XD
2nd to last?? Aaah D:
Hope you don't mind me asking are you planning another comic?

posted on May 18th, 2010, 6:35 pm