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page 426 - chapter 12

April 29th, 2010, 8:33 am


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Hullo there if you are reading this,

i have no laptop, and for this i appologize for the possibly poor quality in the pages ='( from using someone elses PC x(

since i can't afford to buy one, i am doing paid comissions, if anyone wants one- you can chip in whatever you like, every little helps! on the other hand, it's alright if you don't have any money yourself =)

for ore information, check out this link: http://denji-chan.deviantart.com/journal/31815589/

thank you so much =)

sorry if you've already seen this x'I

please ecxuse my typing and thank you so so much for commenting, it means so much =') ;-

@3eoclock it's acutlaly really refrshing to find someone who follows a simmilar attitude to the afro character ='D see, i dont tihk it's a bad thng at all, everyone is different, and not everyone finds it easy to get close to people =) =) i'd always hoped that character would get a chance for people to see his POV- it is interesting i tihk that people who 'play around' get judged, but i dnt think it's so much playing around as the lying that is hurtful- also obviously just because you are not very good at getting close to people doesnt mean you ply around...but i do find that people who find it difficult to get judged sometimes ='( sorry to ramble!!!

@hydenphsyce LOL xD oddly enough i never tohught of a back story, since this is based on soeone i know and he really doesnt have a backstory he just is quite f**cked, wont talk aobut his parents..i bet he has problems..;

@gothbird wah it is really cool that you are bi linguial!!! i find that so wonderful ='D it's bloody awesoem you are bi linguial in japanese as well, i do know quite a bit of japanese but i can never pratice the language since i know of no-one who speaks it ='I it's very fustrating! and so i am sort of loosing the language x'D;;; wow, it is so cool that you got a really nice variety of infleunces, i feel this creates the best artist!! including myself a lot of us really only ever look for one thing and that can really narrow the scope of your art, it's nice to know you are so open to many things =)- its also interesting because i really see a mixture of both 'western' and 'eastern' infleunces in your style of art which makes it very unique these days ='D (I wish there was a better word) i hope it isnt too weird for me to say ireally enjoy how spot on you are about the characters, you are a very isnsightful person you must be a people watcher/someone very empathic?? =D Oh yes i agree that song is very beautiful, in fact that song and many thers right now i am relaly getting into (eg. acustic music with soul~~) i rellay love song s that are so pure and just portray emotions, even if the lyrics are not so cleer or...it's hard to explain xD ='D thank you very ver much for commenting, and always giving supprt- thank you =)) never appoigze for rambling cause clearly i go off on huge essays Dx //shot

@demochatte thank you forcommenting, its really cool to hear peoples predictions of the stories XD that sounds selfsh and stuff but it really is interesting and kinda cool to hear ='D

@Ediplosion your comment touched me in a way you cannot imagine, i want to say thank you so much for sayn thank you!! D I gues that sounds weird but... i personally hate it when you ask the author of your webcomic a question for example and they never bother answering, i alays found it rude so i try my best to show appreciation, i dont think any artist could continue a webcomic without their readers-- readers are so important arent they? to er both support but also to know that you are improving/doing badly/whatever =0 anyway i guess it's slefihs to say but i wanted to say thank you for noticing because i've always tired, i'm very glad you appreciate it- but i have to appologize that i dont always know what to say or that i dont always have anything interesting to say ='( my appologies for that!! sorry to ramble/talk about myself Dx also OG!! he actulaly did invader zim?! i had no idea he started out in sallpress that is so cool!!! do you know david mazzuchelli? he is a current fave around here (in this house) look up asterio polyp, it's quite possibly the best GN ive ever read, ever ='D

@kids_can_fly i know exactly what you mean about seeing a man cry. it's weird because naturlaly for me due to bad circumstances i am very, how ou say, within fantasy i enjoy seeing a woman in control over a man in control?? but even with that weird fantasy/fetish of mne, it's very very diffiuclt to se a man cty, esspeiclaly- i tihnk it is because society had really condemed that, like guys arent a llowed to cry, so if a man does it really feels like a big let down ='(

@Leeland i have been reading dengeki daisy since everyone reccomens it!! i've yet to see though the exitement XD does the story get more and more inrigung? so far it's rather adroable and lovley ='D the art as well is quite faboulous sint it?? ='D

@satankikcer oh my idk...i feel incredably happy that you're heart is crying what a beautiful phrase ='D thank you so much!!!!

@alice YES!! anger is a good emotion! D actually anger is a lot more healthy than say sadness because it causes you to do something about it! idk, im kind of rambling because i do not know what t say other than thank you so much ='D

@heigei i understand, you are a student and we are poor an we cant afford!! Dx when i am really rich you know i rlelay want to put together a printing company that willprint all these wonderful comics i see online that never get a chance ='I

@peona th-that verse on love you wrote..that was so incredably beautiful it touched me like notihng has done in such a long time ='D what a beautiful thing!! where is it from? isnt it right you are chrisitan is that from the bible? =) i know some christians make the rlegion look rather bad but i bleive the things in th eble teach everything love and happiness ='D so lovley!!! It is very true that humans are not always understanding, but isn;t it lovley when you find people who are? ='D sorry that was so random XD; omg >0 'sweet revenge' looks AMAZING in art style so professional, i am just about to read it... please let me get ack to you onwhat i tihnk- i tried to find bloody love sessions but i cannot find it!!! ='( what is the adress? sorr to ask so many questions!! also I LOVE the style of toilet genie it is srlsy amazing ='D how awesome your infleunces are~ i LOVE seize that day as well ='D the style is so unique and adorable!! you shouldnt appologize you should rable as much as you like because it is so interesting!! thank you for getting so passionate about this comic, too =)

@piano-kun oh WOW, thank you soo much for th elunk to the princess frog art book =0 that was srsly so inspijg to look through- i have to say i agre, i just love disney artists in genrral, concept artists an story board artists?? thier art has so much life and movement, and they relly focus on getting the atmopshere across through colour- have you seen the book 'story'? full of almost all the disney story boards- it's truely amazing- thank you so much for saring the link with me- i totlaly see the infleunce of his work in your art btw ='D thank you so much for commenting it means so much ='DDD

@fluffmuff ahh i am really glad it was got OK, i based it very mcuh on how a firend of mine cries- you described it beautifuly ='D ps. is..is that bakura on your con??? >D idk i alwyas wondered that bit never asked beofre!! XD

@mandy-kun awe that is so cute a comment ='(((

@emma ahhh thank you so much for comenting ='D i am glad the story is at least exiting xD;; it worries me that the pacng is too slow, really!

@lackadaisy .....ou have no idea hw your comment about mettions really got to me and toched my heart like no-body's busness!!! ou have no idea ='D thank you so much!!! <D

@RadicalTrain well irl i wouldnt feel very sorry for soemoen who stood soemoen else up peronaally =0 i do genuinly bleive that standign people up is very wrong !! your firneds always come brofre your lovers by all means!!!

@venomaster ahh i knew it this story is gettign way too emo!! Dx

posted on April 29th, 2010, 9:16 am


posted on September 19th, 2019, 2:40 am


Afro isn't that bad, he's just.... really pushing some lines, me being a girl, I don't push lines |D So I still can't agree with some of his actions, but he's the type that if he were real I'd totally be his bff and we can baww and laugh about things.

posted on April 29th, 2010, 9:41 am


I have no friends nor lovers so I can't comment on that.
But I'm a believer in "first come first serve."
She already had plans! You can not change them. Bad, Afro, bad.

posted on April 29th, 2010, 11:18 am


Oh yeah! The story is probably one of the best plots since... Fruits Basket and Lovely Complex. But I'm probably being biased...

I absolutely LOVE the art! It's not too Shojo-y and not too Shounen either. It's also the first "shojo" I've read by a guy. C:

PS. That's right, mope, you jerk. Mope it up... DB<

posted on April 29th, 2010, 8:11 pm


I love your essays, you know. It shows that you'd very nice. Probably even more so in real life. You take the time to talk back to us, and it's never like, one sentence. It's actually a conversation~~

I'm glad you think I'm a good artist 8D I love your art so much too! Haha, people watcher. I have to admit I DO love analyzing people and such things. When there's an issue, I usually like to look at it from both sides better to understand the situation and such things. Is it conceited to say I'm good at it? Haha~

ANYWAYS! This page is very sweet. The look of his back turned in a nearly completely white room is very sad... I hope that's Jigsaw!

Good luck about your laptop!
God, It always sucks that I can never help except for some encouraging words. I'd love to commission you... but senior year is so expensive and money draining. D:

posted on April 29th, 2010, 11:12 pm


If only I wasnt so skint. :( you know I always buy your stuff XD Im saving up with the little money I have for the expo.
Will you be selling anything there??
Hopefully I will get a job soon/some day! D:

posted on May 9th, 2010, 12:36 pm