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April 22nd, 2010, 6:58 pm


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bascially, my keyboard is missing a load of keys, and i am very tired right now (oh dear it appears to be 2am =S )

thank you for reading this if you do;

i made a news post the other day 1. asking an important question (well...to me i sppose)answers are much appreciated =)

2. just a thing about updates- since i am doing stuff for uni i rekon updates for this comic will be only every weekend (like now) , i do appologize for a lack in pages not weighing up the days not updated =I

@everyone; blimey-thank you for so much encouragmeent and lolvey comments, by the way =) i'm qite overwelmed, you've no idea how happy it makes me from whata lot of people are saying =')

@venommaster thank you =') LOL yuri fanart wold be amazing XD hnnn an odd mixture of inlfeunces i like it! monty python is a great infleubnce, those english folk, they are geniuses eh?

@RadicalTrain really?!XD I am curios as to what bad professional comics you read XD thats hillarious!! XD

@epilosion hnnn thank ypou for telling me your infleunces it is fascinating =D hahha yes yes, i think we all got into stuff like fruits at first, it's a very charming style of drawing, even now to me =) but it's very nice to know you are into all kinds of comics and were lucky enough to be shown that comics can be more than marvel or DC ='D (it's a shame and i think not many people get to figure that one out) that first guy, his stuff rmeinds me of the guy who did the invader zim comics!! is it one and the same? i do not know xdcd?? but i agree it is very inspiring and wonderful to see people becoming incredably popular with a webcomic ='D

@alice you are very much spot on about what the character is thinking, thank you =) you've no idea how happy iot makes me to hear that the page made you emotional ='D congrats on your doing a cover for your bro's band!!! i've been so exited for you i told my teacher today ='D when is it coming out??

@amante-kun you have no idea how overwelmed i feel that the page made you feel emotional- thank you from the bottom of my heart it made my day =')

@peona it is wonderful hearing your comments about the characters, i am glad you are feeling sometihng from the story it makes me so so happy, thank you ='D WOW endling is so cool!! so much movmeent in his artwork amazing =0 also i dont knw much about higushi but i love the oldskoolness of her work, it's very wonderfult o know she is female too because her work is so 'masculine'? (not to stereotype!!!) ='DD what webcomics are you infleunbced by?? (lol i just want to discover new artists as always xD; --> lazy)

@hydenphsyce it's pretty awesoem to know you have so mnay inflences, it's great to be so open to so many different styles and people,that is my beleif ='D also i totlaly agree, CLAMP were one of my first big infleunces esp. in thier paneling style, they always are willing to break out and be creative with layouts which is wonderful =)

@lolcrayon LOL thank you although i totally disagree, it blaitantly isnt ...*is now thinking of loads of genuinly best comic pages ever* someone should make a list of those!!! D<

@KickSatanOut thank you so much ='D - it's really interestign hearing about your infleunces, espo. because it seems you have come such a loooong way- i can't even imaigne that you used to draw like rikdo, it's so far from your current style =0 i've never heard of lolos before but seeing his art work i am ust blown away >0 he looks AMAZING and now i want all his comics....LOL!! and once again i have not heard of ross cambell but his art again is so unique and fiferent =0 i am more and more seeing all these infleunces woven into your art style amazing! hahaha, you might be interested to know i have met warren ellis quite a lot, and althogh i do not know him perosnally i am very good friends with several artists who work with him- in fact i have known paul duffeild (who draws freakangels) for as long as i can remember Dx we are very good friends, and his g/f (kate brown) went to the same uni i am going to right now! small world aint it?!XD

@3eoclock LOL comments make me laugh but also give me a warm fuzzy feeling, you're the best ='I thank you ='D

@pinkstarfruit i'm amazed! I really dont like drama llama and if it is dramatic it should be for the right reasons/or realisitc still, i feel thios comic has gone over board =I

@korimicheele thank you very much =)

@chirrotsu ahhh you are always so spot on aobut the characters and it's alwasy very nice and overlweming to know someone can relate to thme like that- i guess when you create seomtihng it means a lot to you??? (more than i realize!! Dx ) your infleunces are brilliant, i totlaly agree with you about tomoko nomoniya and Yoko Kamio, thier astories are so complex and so subtely done, rather than being too obvious like a lot of shouo- (even boys over flowers which i'd say is very dramatic!!) i tihnk you can tell because you are very muhc a people watcher who likes to study people's personalities and things =) very jousei!! i have not heard of oe write or Marc webb but they sound ust awesome and i totlaly am gonne check them out =0

@mandy-kun sadly some boys never learn ='I the gy the afro character is based on never leanred *laugh* - sorry i guess that was off topic, but i want to say thank you, anyway!!

@stripedorangesocks marry me instead ='D leave everyone else behind you sexy fool!!!

@pinao-kun you hit the nail on the head, i am so glad ='D (maybe that sounds odd but i know what i mean) thank you very much for understanding ='D hnnn i can totlaly see mark twain's infleunce in your writing style and your art inflences deinately have brought that disney-like charm to your work ='D (I know they are apanese but you know what i mean? your art always makes me feel so happy like a child ='D )

@enchanta hahaha! it's strange and i tihnk a challenge with a comic that is souley based around characters, because in th ened it has to be dramatic (to an extent) otherwise it would be too mndane? it's interesting....

@gothbird hnnnn your kind words about the last page really overwelm me and make me incredably happy you have no idea ='D peornsally i tihnk this comic is getting a little bit too over-dramatic- ps. i never knew you were pananese, so now i am interested! i can only assmne because your english is amaing you spent a lot of time in an english speaking country or grew up
bi-lingually, ect.ect. but i wonder how much of your infleunces are japanese and how many are western? what you said was very interestign to me! it totally then occoured to me how we are all very fascinated and infleunced by manga prely because it is so new (sort of) and refreshing to us! it is nice to meet someone who isnt into it so much btw =D (its also nice to meet manga fans XD i guess what i mean is, it's unusual and thus interesting!) who else are you infleunced by or who are your early infleunces? SORRY TO RAMBLE!!

@Toz it's very cool to know you are infleunced by both famous + people around the internet, because i feel this gives your art and approach a much fresher look dont you think?? ='D i LOVE nozmo yes, i tihnk she is so talented and i was so shocked at how young she was Dxi often re-look at her comics for inspiration- i managed to speak to her on DA, i've never felt so star struck ='I LOL i am not a good thing to be infleunced by, but thank you that was quite a shock!!! 0_0 i LOVE aya takamura (of LOVECOM) what i lvoe about her writing style is that it's so realsitic and humourous, rather than being obvious, her characters are way more realsitic ='I SHE IS SO WONDERFUL!!!

@leeland AHHH!!! such great infleunces!! once again see the above comment to tozz about LOVECOM~ alos TOTALLLY!!!i love kimi todoke again because it's so realsitic and the characters are very well rounded and charming ='D something rare to see in comics~

@king.moptop i do know and nderstand what yo mean about using peers and friends in order to motivate you- the great thing abot the internet is you can totally bounce off eachother for new ideas, which is amazing ='D I havent read a lot of D-grey man but i totllay love the style indeed ='D LOL to be inspired by me is very bad idea!!!

@eternalbleiver LOL you ofc. do not have to comment on every page bt i totally appreciate the passion you have >D i naturally find myself commenting on every page of your comic anyway LOL! I totlaly agree with you about the athor of life- i have not read her other manga but i think i am going to look into it from now on- i agree with you that what truely inspired me about her work was the direct dealings with complex phsycological issues, the bullying is not obvious and very contaversal for a shouo comic, it's amazing ='D i totlaly know what you mena aobut music and i think thatr is aweome- i find actually that my fave artists are not inspired by other artists, bt more inspired by the world around them =)

posted on April 22nd, 2010, 7:54 pm


posted on September 21st, 2019, 1:41 pm


Nephilim John.
I mean.. it's not horrific, but the pacing and lack of emotions in the characters and the whole "*tons of magic bad guys burst in*" "ah, oh no. |:" thing. xD

posted on April 22nd, 2010, 8:14 pm


Well, if you think it's getting to dramatic, and decided to make it more humorous or something, I think it'll still be wonderful. C:

Interesting, huh? Well, my first language WAS Japanese, but my parents had me here in america, so I grew up bi lingual. though i'm slowly forgetting words in japanese. D:

My influences were probably like any of those anime shows on tv, like Inuyasha and Cowboy Bebop. And then I read lots of things like the Marvel comics. Just regular stuff like that, yknow~ and my uncle drew a lot too, and I kind of inadvertently copied his style.

Sorry for the rambling! 8D

Anyways, about this page~
I LOVE Afro's expression's in the side panels~ he's like a kicked puppy. Way cute! I still think he's a jerk though.
But maybe there's more to him~

posted on April 22nd, 2010, 8:18 pm


Ah, I spoke to nozmo on dA as well! I once left a comment on her page telling her how much she inspired me, and to my surprise she wrote back. Haha, starstruck is the perfect way to describe it! :D

But yes, I think it's good to draw from a variety of sources! And lesser known works are sometimes where a lot of the more unique stuff can be found :)

posted on April 22nd, 2010, 8:36 pm


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is so amazing!! i seriously look foreward to freakangles every friday. it really is a small world haha!

posted on April 23rd, 2010, 9:45 am

Venom master

Right than, yuri is:3

posted on April 23rd, 2010, 9:53 am


woah! 8O
afro's had some bad experiances in "lamour"? (i have NO clue if i spelled that right)

how weird...but...makes sense. *is getting phycological*

posted on April 23rd, 2010, 3:28 pm


Recently I've been inspired by the artist Bill Schwab, the character designer/lead animator for The Princess and the Frog. I bought The Princess and the Frog artbook recently, and it is amazing! He and the other artists did a beautiful job, and I can appreciate it the film even more by looking through the artbook!

Someone put a few preview images here; you should see them!: http://www.flickr.com/photos/teohyc/4165713074/in/photostream/
I want to change my style a bit in other artwork I do because I love the character design so much!

posted on April 23rd, 2010, 7:33 pm


He's revealing his weakness! Yipee!! XD

posted on May 9th, 2010, 12:28 pm