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March 30th, 2010, 2:20 pm


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thank you so so so much everyne for your comments and thoughts- i honestly dont think any of it is deserved, and it's so intereting to know what everyone is thinking =) i am greatful to know a lot of folk are still here and still reading *laugh* god bless you for coming this far =)

urgh you have no idea how greatful i am considering this comics art and all that...well anyway thank you =')

@mandy-kun yeah we all fall into patterns, even good people can be horrible =I

@AliceRose when lust is blind peiople get into toruble- have you ever had this sort of exprience? urgh the amount of trouble i have heard over just a lust for someone it's crazy!

@demochatte harsh and wise words man =) it's good to know you are so involved, thank you ='D

@amante-kun ahh your enthusiasm is so lovley, thank you ='D

@she sound sso funny (your character) XD what about the other girl?? i'd like to know why there are no comics of your characters on smack jeeves huh?

@peona wah your comments are so emtinal and beautiful, thank you so much for your enthusiasm, you have no idea how happy i personally feel ((thank you)) urgh i'm sorry that was so weirdly written!!

@nekokira soemtimes men can be so..!!! aaargh!!! DM they never change, a lot of them- yet women can change? issat just me?

@leeland i am sorry i cannot reveal anything but i hope you dont mind me saying io fel overwelmed and happy that you are wishing things just ina story!! ='I I hope that makese ense argh..; just thank you =')

@3eoclock hahahahaXD your comment makes me so happy, thank you man <'I

@epilosion omg i love octaine form daft punk!!! i must admit the look was inspired by his look and the looks of techno/hip hop in genrral, daft punk was a BIG inspiration ='D what is your fave daft punk song? still some of the best techno i have heard ='D that is ok, but i thank you for looking, and if you ever jsut come across any feel free to let me know- thank you so much!!

@gothbird LOL i loved your comment thank you xD ps. geragera showed me a picture of you the other day you are so adorable and beautiful looking ffs!!!!!

@tacotites ahhh it's really cool to know someone who has (also) been swindled by a guy like that ='I all i have to say is i am sorry you had to go through soemtihng like this and also i sympathise, it;s cruel- i can say the only way to get over it is to show them you dont love them anymore, then you kind of gain some kind of... pride or respect for yourself..lol sorry to ramble ='(

@soxypoo dude that's ok, you are free to read or comment or whatever whenever you wish, i simply appreciate t ='D why are you soemtimes computerless/! HOW DO YOU LIVE?! XD (you must have a life hahaha!) XD ps. i love that you say 'miffed' such an english word ohoohoohoo <D

@gera ahhh love you thank you for commentin' on all these pages man =')

@eternalbeleiver ahhh aonce again thank you i am quite speechless and dont know what to say, i am just pretty greatful you are still here still reading and that you want to know what happens next, thank you man ='I

@venommaster LOL huuh?? i didnt understadn this comment for some reason (is there something wrong with me)? XD thank you for reading man =')

EVERYONE ELSE:::: sorry to put that in caps that feels rather rude!! >0 i jut have a feeling people commented on previous pages of which i have not replied, i just wanted to say thank you everyone for making the effort to comment even if i am not replying- how wonderful are you people (and all bloody awesome artists apparently aurgh!!)

posted on March 30th, 2010, 2:44 pm


posted on August 17th, 2019, 6:52 pm

Venom master

Bad touch = sexual harasment, duh

posted on March 31st, 2010, 2:42 am


this page makes me so sad

posted on March 31st, 2010, 6:49 am


Waah, Cliffy. D': I feel sad for him D:

But I love the colors and the perspective in the first panel~

Haha, thanks. C: It's kind of embarrassing to hear someone say I'm adorable. C:

posted on March 31st, 2010, 5:36 pm


I haven't logged into smackjeeves for a while now but I knew you would have updated before I came back, if that makes sense. You are so good at updating weekly :D Either way cant wait to catch up on this
Reading to pass the time very clever. Does he not have her number, maybe he could call her??? I hate waiting for my friends to turn up. I had one friend who would make me wait up till an hour for her everytime! It drove me insane. And its so embarrassing having to stand in public without knowing if she's going to turn up or not D:
But that reminds me. one time me and my friend arranged to meet at london bridge station cos we were going to the expo, I think that was about a year or two ago. We arranged to meet at the crispy creme stand there, but there was two crispy cremes. One upstairs and one downstairs. So I was waiting for her for ages downstairs and she was waiting for me upstairs. It wasn't till I went upstairs about an hour later that I saw her. And then we realized what we had done! We felt sooo stupid we both wasted like an hour for nothing!!

Sorry for such a long comment, I'm sort of hyper. haha XDD

posted on April 6th, 2010, 9:38 am


aaw bookworm...='(

posted on June 23rd, 2010, 5:16 pm


UGH! FSCK YOU MACKENSIE! The poor thing.

posted on July 21st, 2010, 10:09 pm


I wonder if penelope is the type that cliff always falls for....who never love him as much as he loves them o_o. OMG so that'd make penelope Cliff's mackenzie!!! D'8< you see people, its just like that, and thats the other side of penelope that we be seeing, just like how afroman's other side was revealed to us!!! D'8< ONLY CLIFF IS THE TRUE HERO HERE...!!! despite being somewhat of an enabler but its ok because he's cliff and he is just such a nice guy and its not even like that.

posted on February 19th, 2011, 1:57 am