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March 18th, 2010, 3:54 pm


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posted on September 21st, 2019, 1:43 pm


omg i can understand being blown away like tht by afro's words could make u forget anythin else :O but i still feel sad for clifford :'(

posted on March 18th, 2010, 4:48 pm


Poor Cliff. ]=< I disagree with Chirurotsu, afro still pisses me off. He didn't show any skills beyond that of any old play boy.

posted on March 18th, 2010, 6:10 pm


yes! remeber clifford! the totally awesome guy who likes YOU not yer butt!! :D

do you remember him penelope?...

posted on March 18th, 2010, 7:31 pm


aw penelope you are always so cute

posted on March 19th, 2010, 12:12 am


Now's her chance to get away!! Whoopee!
I've got a bad feeling though, that he might be able to convince her to ditch Cliff and go out with him instead.

posted on March 19th, 2010, 7:57 pm


THIS WILL DEFINE HER CHARACTER AND PERSONALITY FOR MEEEEE....!!!! Poena D8 that was so legit. 'do you remember him..' T_T PENELOPE. DO YOU?! WELL? DO YOU?!!?!
I love how everyone can spell penelope easily. thats such a weird name to spell and I've never even met one before.

posted on February 19th, 2011, 1:39 am