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March 10th, 2010, 2:19 pm


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well it's wonderful to find people who love hugs!

when i ws 17 in college, everyone hugged everyone, it was wonderful!! then i got to uni and suddenly everyone stopped hugging! everyone was lot less friendly! a close friend of mine in particular was really awkward about hugging *laugh* this is based on my exprience with him- he's still so awkward about hugging anyone, be they strangers or friends even! he and i are exact opposties in that respect- I broke him tho, so he hugs me at least =)
i also met his father once, who btw was very shocked when i offered a hug...so i haven't hugged him since *laugh* - his name is clifford wouldnt you know?!

anyway i was quite suprised with all the support srsly- thank you, i wasn't exapecting that kind of support or reation ='I i may be getting to big for me boots.

@cheesecakeforeveryone hugs are so wonderful~ <)

@amante-kun WOOOAH =0 your harsh words were incredable and out of amante-kun character! (haha is it cool that i feel like i know you a little bit?) thnk you anyway ='D hugs are wonderful <)

@lemon-chn dont you hate people who think too much? hum tho i suppose i am one of those XD *hypocrit* still!! emotion all the way!!

@leeland LOl your words made me laugh and are incredably encourging- SHOUNEN STYLE!! <D i am thourtghly hppy that someone is exited ='D

@3eoclock LOOOL XD totally! I love how spontanious yuki is tho, she is gotta be my fave character for that reason, it's wonderful to have a real strong chracter as a mian char for a comic- dont you tihnk sometimes in comics main charcters are too bland? yuki is awesome like that ='D i think clifford would be like a father to her tho hahahaha XD

@radicltrain *laugh* thank you so much =')

@king moptop you have a guy you like? how awesome ='D do they like you to? I hope it goes well (I love romance heheh ='D) agree'd, i really love guys who are very silly but can be mature when they need to be! my best pal is like that too ='D

@kimitala thank you for laughing xDD

@kickstanout i have to disagree, i think you are the cutest thing in all eternaty ='D

@kids-can-fly blimey, your comment is so sweet and lovley- it really made my day- thank you man =') so much xx

@picos oblovious girls are annoying arent they D8

@fluffmuff from now on i will call people silly ducklings, that is the cutest thing ever said ='D thank you for commenting, charming~

@mandy-kun srlsy i meet guys who are like HUG? NO THANK YOU and they do that annoying sort of hug where it's barely a hug; it's so...nothing *laugh* they are so awkward about it?! Dx

@heigei i must agree that at times a suprise/bear hug can be scary ;o; i think these days because i dont do it so much anymore hugs have become awkward for me if it's from a friend, which is weird, idk why i feel that way ='I laugh, your big and beautiful comment has made me speechless, i dont know what to say man ='I you're just so wonderful and kind...thank you so so much <3

@Chirurotsu ahh you alwsy write so much and sdly cecxause i do not like talking aobut my comic there is nothing i can say apart from 'thank you' i'm sorry ='D i'm so glad we tlk on twitter instead XD ps.hugs are wonderful rent they? the universal kiss ='D

@la_parfait awe man, reading your comment has made me feel all gooey inside- may i just say it's simply an honour to know that you are enjoying the comic at least a little bit, thank you so much ='D

@venom_master hahaha XD all guys seem to act like this!

@eternalbiever totlaly!! I'm so glad you are hugger <3 sadly over here with my friends it's not a universal greeting, but i feel like it so should be!! it's sad that not everyone likes to do it- hugs are so lolvey and show real love ='D

@goth-bird i simply cannot express my appreciation fro your comments in words ='I you are wonderful, and it's an honour since you are also in my eyes an amazing amazing artist ='>

@epilosion oh dear!! altho you said 'dorable' I hope that the character isn't too soppy and lame now! (i have been wrrying about this!!) thank you s much tho, it really made me think, and so in the next part he is going to be more in character- i agree we dont want him to loose his character too much, tho i hope you get to see a bit more of him now too ='D thank you for always commenting~ <3

@mangazebra ahahah i am so the same with people i dont see like 24hrs a day XD altho i love hugs ='D thank you for always commenting =')

posted on March 10th, 2010, 2:50 pm


posted on September 21st, 2019, 1:44 pm


hahahah silly goose will u ever change how u feel towards this comic xD but i understand, and don't worry hug.
and yes it is like universal kiss hahahaha, imagine if everyone kissed, well there are greetings like tht some places in the world, but i feel awkward about them, i used to be shy about hugs too, but i opened up a lot these past years, so now i hug everyone even people i've just met xD i don't really care if they feel weird about it, i will make them luv hugs xD also i have a friend who gives the worst hugs i always slack him off because of it >8D but its funny when i hug people i get a feeling of their character, i can't explain it but everyone gives different kinds of hugs, there was a woman in her 60's in my course and her hugs were like a moms, so nice :'3

any i talk too much lol
and yes i'm so happy tht she forced hug him, thts so adorable. luv his perplexed expression

posted on March 10th, 2010, 3:12 pm


Actually, Cliff is acting exactly like my crush did when i first tried to hug him xD
except i'm not half as nice as penelope's being, i forced him to hug me, but he kinda froze up like a log. he's gotten used to it now though.
You can reform, Cliff, i know you can!!

posted on March 10th, 2010, 4:34 pm


Really? You think that? Thanks! But my art's pretty mainstream. I really wish my art was more original.
Your art's so original and recognizable C: Thanks of course~!

Wow, I've never been huggy~ I've always been awkward. I wish i knew huggy you~
I hope she hugged him anyways~

posted on March 10th, 2010, 6:45 pm


Is hugging a college thing then? lol
I remember I used to hug my friends alot in secondary school, did you hug alot then too?

posted on March 11th, 2010, 8:29 am


In germany good friends kisss 8D even boys
or my horny mind just made that up 8D
ahaha na its true,not all though >:'D
but we hug everyone
ah anways I love the dynamic of that page!
especially from panel 1-2 and when she says AWW CMON it sounds so natrual XD I mean you can imagine her saying it!

posted on March 26th, 2010, 6:19 am


ooooh that explains why american people love hugs so much, ITS THE GERMAN BLOOD WITHIN THEM!! D8 And the reason why they drink like crazy people in college and some in high school is cause the german and irish blood cause a chemical reaction and....I wonder if Irish people hug a lot? o_o huhuhu I like hugging but its a rare thing for me and it depends on who it is and how comfortable I feel. If I'm comfy around them I'm random and affectionate and when I hug I get a running start and attack-hug-tackle. Which would not work with someone here I read in their comment hahahaha xD oh god. I used to kiss my cousin on the cheek a lot in public but she didn't like that after a while (kids) so I stopped xD hahaha

posted on February 19th, 2011, 1:19 am