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March 5th, 2010, 2:09 pm


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o everyone- thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart =) i have to point out that i dont always reply to everyone- and just so you know that's because i only reply to comment son the last page- i'm so sorry!!! i've no excuse other than being incredably lazy =( I appologize, but just so you know if i ever have not spoken back to anyone (I know it doesnt matter;; i just find it very rude myself *laugh*)

@3eoclock urgh your comments mean more to me than anything in the world- i guess you miht think you were a looser but perosnally i am honoured that you want to see what happens next- thank you so so much ='I I can;t bleive how simmilar our ideal guys are XD man i miss the 'gentleman' ffs!!! i wish he still existed =') I am woring on making my guy wear a suit LOL xD

@amante-kun your utter passion is wonderful ;w;v

@enchanteana thank you so much because i hate the colouring Dx whilst the art is bad enough already, it always looks worse after coloured ='I thank you anyway!!

@demochatte uuurgh...;w; i-i feel very gflattered that you find thatcharacter..'adorable' that chokes me up, man..it's an honour =')

@peona you prbably dont remember what you wrote- but it was so beautiful and poetic ='] i've never seen the heart of a man break, i wonder what it's like? also as for the ideal guy- PSH! i actually am very open about religion personally- i really get angry at people who instantly brush of christianity ='I it's not cool and imo just as bad and ignorant as those uh christians who make other christians look bad >=I i have to say brown hair and blue eyes= HOTTT ='D i love what you said about respect- so true- wise words =) also, dont you think older guys are generally just way more mature though?? (i always go for older men as well?!)

@hydenphsyce mmm-mm, i like your ideal person =) i also TOTALLY AGREE about curvy ladies~ a curvicious lady is so lolvey, women have such beautiful bodies dont they? men are lookin; kinda weird, altho there is something fascinating about them xD;

@RadicalTrain acutlaly i perosnally tihnk looks is a big,big part of partnership!! see, if we were attracted to personality alone wouldnt we all be dating our friends of which we all have no attraction to?! i also tihnk there are so mnay kinds of beauty ='D so really 'beauty' can refer to chemistry ='D what do you consider beautiful? the man i am with now, gee, he's definately not what i usually go for but damn he is so good lookin' Dx. also reading on transgender so when you say beautiful do you mean literally people who are simply so 'beauitful' they are neither male or female looking- just beautiful? (does that make sense to you?! XD)

@leeland!! the fact you make the effort is amazing, thank you so much ='D xD ofc. you do not have to comment if you dont want to, but you make the effort... ='D

@gothbird LOL babies with pin hair that sounds amazing XD man i am suprised you say you are not big on talking about feelings since you seem so very emotionally intelligent!! I can't wait for your comic to update, thank you ='D aurgh i so agree with you on your ideal guy- i really am not too fond of this modern day guy we are getting now- you know the ones who look at their hair in the shop window? (i knew guys who did this;;) and yes good ol' fashion romance man =')

@flying-angel yes!! I certainly belive after many expriences that the ideal guy is often not something you expect or someone you tihnk you want but actually the person you need =0

@kicksatanout i hate to admit that, but you are probably right- i rellay hate cliche romances tohugh! XD one day when i am good enough i really want to do something like the person who wrote 'the holiday' or the woman who wrote 'when harry met sally' which are both imo great realistic or at least witty romances =) also- wise words- we all need someone who makes us laguh- gee what's the point in being in a very serious relationship? a friend of mine said he ended up hating his last realtionship because simply; they never laughed.

@eternalbliever as we have discussed before i prefer more realistic dramas indeed!!! ='D so what is the soppiest most unrealistic romance youve ever seen?! XD for me i tihnk it had to be the lastest CLAMP thingy, kobato- i couldnt sit thorugh it it was that predictable! XD;; tohugh as a kid i loved clamp very much =) as for the ideal guy- outsider- i just looked him up and BING he is so gooood lookin' omg i love his hair X) and you are right- you never know who your ideal person is gonne be i dont think =)

@alice your crushes are just crushes, and altho it's bumming that you never end up liking them, that's pretty normal ='D one day you;re gonne find a guy that really dazzles you, or forces you to look at yourself in a different light, i tihnk thatll be the guy that changes you and the one who you'll fall in love with =) i can't bleive brighton really lives up to it's reputation like that ='( i hope you will move on up and still meet someone tho, you are so young right now!! also yes, i dont think it's possible to date friends AT ALL it's just awkward, you need that instant liking to date someone you know?

@Chirurotsu youve never been able to drawe that expression- i doubt that!! if you can, do me a commison and draw someone doing that expression!! i'd like to see it ='D i tihnk you could easily do it- your comic is incredably full of life and expressions *jelous* XD; isn;t it weird that the guys you fell for wernt your ideal? I dont know if there is a perfect guy out there! laughter is so important i agree, and i think you'll fall for a guy who gives you loads of confidence ad will change and help you be a better person =) x also, older guys= alllways more mature (sometimes haha)

@venomaster hahah grls with fringes over one eye are soo cute i agree <D

@heigei sweetheart, you relaly dont have to say anything- i am absolutely touched that you went and appologized =') though, and belive me i totally love hearing your comments, they are always so lovley and chatty and wonderful ='D i definately do not mind tho if you dont have any need to comment, it is quite understandable =) -hug

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posted on September 19th, 2019, 2:37 am


To be honest. Ive read too many soppy romances that I cant really name one. There's just too many of them on mangafox xD
Yay, was he hard to search? there's not many pictures of him on the web

posted on March 5th, 2010, 3:09 pm


ahaha I dunno if people would be dating their friends. I've never really dated so can't say.

UHHHHM. I mean like uhhhhm. Hmm. To name some examples (lol asian 'cause I can't think of any others off the top of my head): Miyavi, Shinya (from Dir en grey), seek (from Psycho le Cemu, though he's not really androgynous, just BEAUTIFULLLLL), uhhhh. Done with off the top of my head. You don't really see a lot of girls being androgynous, though.

I guess I just mean people that transcend gender/don't care about appearing very masculine/feminine 'cause they're just so damned good looking. C:

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posted on March 5th, 2010, 11:11 pm


haahhaha i'm really not kidding, its really hard to get tht expression right, u kno with the whole feelin in it, thts why i don't draw people who smile often xD
but oka i'll try and do tht commision >:3

and yes it is weird none of the guys i felt for were the ideal type, i think its because ur ideal is too perfect u kno, like the prince on the white horse, but i do think there's a guy out there for everyone, its just tht we can't see it when we're lookin too much xD

and really thnk u hugs i hope i find this guy soon HAHAHA

omg when i read the previous page i thought it would be amazing if cliff said somethin now, but didn't actually think it was goin to happen,
just look at his face here, he can obviously not keep quiet anymr. i kno tht feelin, at some point the feelin is too big to be kept inside.

posted on March 9th, 2010, 3:54 am


edit: Ah maybe everyone was racing to the next page in a fluttery panic!? :D ahahaha OMGOMGOMG

posted on February 19th, 2011, 1:01 am