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February 28th, 2010, 12:22 pm


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Big fish- that was an exellent film.

to everyone:-

Thank you so much for all your support and love- i cannot thank you enough- it truely makes me all fuzzy inside. recently there have been a lot of.... 'clifford is adorable' comments- this is idk...well i just wanted to express my happiness i suppose, ive never gotten anythihng like that..so yeah thank you ='(

@amante-kun thank you so much for your comment ;_; some guys are unlucky/too nice Dx I had to talk to some of my old guy friends whove had these expriences since i've never closley known any guys like this!

@tezzle for real? i dont know what to say! (was that a joke or a compliment?! XD ) again it's a compliment to me because ive tried so hard to convey a man in love, it's difficult Dx you lot are a cryptic kind!

@Leeland thank you so much for your comments =') we all repeat our mistakes dont you think? love akes us bliiind!

@Urmom LOL XD naw, just horny! thank you for commenting <3~

@3eoclock oh god you really punched someone in the face? why? 8D man i totally agree (about guys who refuse to watch older films i mean wth?? how ignorant can people be? =( thank you so much for writing such detailed thoughts and feelings on the comic and for commenting =')

@lolcrayon th-thank you for your comment, it took me by suprise but i am both shcoked and happy that someone could say that about a silly old character like that <D

@stripedorangesocks see above comments Dx

@goth-bird see the above above comment Dx

@korimichelle th-thank you so much ='D

@alice hahaha, i am absolutely flattered beyond all reason that you want to do 'theories and stuff' ='I thank you so much D.= well when are you going to make your own books huh? (you will do it some day right)? i hope to be published some day, but this comic is not pro looking enough =(

@heigei it's ok, it's just nice to know you stopped by ='D you dont have to comment if you dont want to ofc. =D altohugh i do love hearign your tohughts and feelings <3 your e-mail was wonderful, btw, and i will get back to you, sorry if it takes me a whiole because it is a long e-mail!!

@eternal yes i find you to be a uiet person! do you not think so? xD sorry i am so chatty btw!!
it was really cool hanging out with you on friday~ <3 we just got your text today!! (sorry!!) i'm sorry to hear you didnt get in, but it doesnt sound like a bad interveiw at all- i know a lot of people (my friend who is now in the first year had this too) where they suggested them to take the foundation course beofre hand. are you going to do it in swindon still? (you can do that!)

@peona THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENT!! it made me laugh so muchxD It's a selfish thing for me to say so excuse me, but i admire your drive on the situation of the comic hahahaha XD

@Chirurotsu you;re right on the dot about that guess, as you can see =) you are definately very insightful it is interesting! of course i dont know if you;ve exprienced this but some people really are in denial about the problems with the people they love, holding on to that fantasy? it makes them feel a lot safer. i was like that too.

@hydenphsyc HAHAHAHA XD lol thank you so much XD!!!

@venom master right on! you diont have to watch dramas if you didnt want to! I'm sorry, for when that was written it wasn;t meant in a forceful way, just the sort of 'rumor' that guys do genuinly enjoy and affair to remember, and in fact they do! (in my experience) it goes to show it depends on who you know! =D

@RadicalTrain those are all fantastic muiscals you have great taste ='D what about the little shop of horrors?? isn;t that awesome? =) dpo you know ive enver seen the notebook but it did look awesome Dx i should watch it =)

@KickSatanOut paradise kiss is awesome <3 and imo much better than the anime version~ I tried watching the anime but as you said i actually found the anime focused way more on the fashion part than the personalities of the characters (which as you said is a biiiig patt of pradaise kiss) this being said, have you seen gokinjo montagari? (i hope i spelled that right on) it is the preual to apradise kiss- altohugh you cannpot read the manga in english, the anime is subbed on the 'net- now i dont know because we've led seperate lives- but this anime made me so happy, and brings the awesome feeling of being a carefree art student in college- it has so much heart and character, i hope you see it =) also yes chunky rice is so heart felt and friendly, i agree it sppeals to both kids and adults, the themes are beautiful ='D

posted on February 28th, 2010, 1:01 pm


posted on August 17th, 2019, 6:46 pm


I know, I have awesome movie taste.

FFFFF OMG YESSS. I forgot about Little Shop of Horrors!
It's been too loooooong. @___@

posted on February 28th, 2010, 1:31 pm


LOLLLLLL ELIKA IS A VIDEO GAME CHARACTER. From the Prince of Persia. I don't write detailed comments, I leave important parts out. ;3


posted on February 28th, 2010, 1:39 pm


well the anime came at a good time for me - i was stuck watching that sort of thing, where it was really more about visuals then really people. pluse the fact that franz ferdinand did the ed!! haha. it was a selling point to me. i'll still always love the anime but it just doesn't hold up to the manga now that i read it...
i haven't read it yet but it is available online haha. it's funny you say it because i really wanted to watch the anime and can't find it... hahah.

posted on February 28th, 2010, 4:03 pm


what seriously that's strange that you only got it today. I bet thats my phones fault! >.<
I dont really know what Im going to do yet,it was a good interview though. And I agree with what he said and when I told my parents they also seemed to agree. I'm going to have to discuss it with my teachers though and see what they say. Yeah it was fun meeting you, I wish I could of seen more of the area though and it was quite funny when you were holding my portfolio. You nearly got blown away xDD ugh and it was such a pain holding that portfolio on the London underground in rush hour!

posted on February 28th, 2010, 6:21 pm


Love does make us blind, lol. Ah... but here's Clifford's chance!

posted on March 1st, 2010, 6:05 am


hahahahah i'm like so much cooler then alice xDD i knew it.
and aww thnk u for thinkin my eyes a insightfull normally i'm very crap at reading into things xD

this is a really great page, i like how u did every panel, how the emotions gets more and more unbearable, makes u feel the familiar pain.

posted on March 1st, 2010, 1:52 pm