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February 23rd, 2010, 4:22 pm


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@slawth thank you very much =) I very much enjoy your comments because ou seem to know your stuff about comics =)

@leeland LOL XD thank you for your comments ='D srsly, some guys like an affair to remember!

@RadicalTrain it's a great film; it's not really a chick flick! I think it's been stereotyped that way XD genuinly it's well written, like when harry met sally (and as a fan of chick flicks, you must love that film right?) what musicals are you into?? xD

@hydenphsyce yoiu know that is an interesting topic- do guys watch these things because they like the film or because they like the girl? is it ever obvious? hmmm....what doo you think? thank you for commenting =)

@Venom master i am not sure which girls you know, but i'd say me and a lot of girls relalyput up with watching a lot of stuff =0 also i am afriad i probably translated the meaning behind this conversation badly Dx an affair to rmember is deifnately noit a chick flock, altohugh it has been stereotyped that way!! i know a lovley fella who watched it and loved it, and he is into all sorts of shit (fist of the north star anyone?!) hahahaha XD i am often made to watch jeremy kyle and dog the bounty hunter with him- on the other hand i do not force him to watch a movie he wouldnt like- myabe it depends on the sort of person you are as well =)

@eternalbleiver thank you for all your comments as always, i am very happy that the bodies were OK!!! amore importantly i am rather exited about seeing you on friday XD (I tihnk i may have said this in the last reply- sorry!!) about book, i guess i've decided on it being 4.50 for 135 pages in the end, if that is too expensive it is understandable, so dont worry about it too much =)

@3eoclock it's true,me and my fella watched an affiar to rmember together and he loved it/thinks it's a very good film!! i feel it's not aobut it being a chick fliock, more like it's a real classic movie!! YOU ARE SO RIGHT TO HAVE DUMPED HIM!! I'm serious, i'd never ever date a guy who hated black and white movies- beyond anything that basuclaly makes him unopen minded?? but more importantly wth?! most of our classics are B+W ='I we've lost so much insight into how a story is written thinks to special FX//oldmanrant sorry >_< thank you for always commenting so passionately, i srsly appreciate it =')

@heigei EXACTLY. guys can watch 'women' films, psshh, gender doesnt come into it =) thanks for alwyas commenting so passionately man =')

@monkeystripes ...g-golly ='D thank you for your stalker like comment, it was the sweetest comment i tihnk anyone could ever receive- thank you so much ='D

@gera i think we have discussed enough on msn XD but thank you for leaving all your comments everyhwere ='D i also thank you on your support on the book, it isd thanks to you the front cover looked so good in the end~ (gaussian blur) thank you man =') ilu~

@kicksatanoput no no, dont appologize for rambling- i love it!! I was also really suprised, because to me i see a mixture of american and manga in the sort of new style going around at the moment?? it shocks me that people seem mostly to be infleunced by manga =0. i guess i see a rela infleunce of modern yaoi in people's arts actually! (is that a bad or good thing?! idk!) god, i was so pleased when you mentioned chunky rice!!! I am doing that and blankets as a study for my essay (and also will eisner who did the spirit,but after the spirit he did lots of awesome and much better comics ='D ) YES chunky rice was really amizn n my eyes- i feel in terms of layout and style, blankets really was like a big evoltuoion, but in temr sof story chunky rice was jsut as heart warming and clever- i lvoe that about craig thimpson, his stuff is kinda indie, but it's not at all unappealing you know what i mean? thank you, i will check out helter skelter =)

@gothbird you got it on the mark!! ='D ps. i just wanted to thnak you for your comments and also when i went through that silly emo crisis, your comment made me go all gooey inside, you are a real sweetheart you know??

@pianokun thank you for always having lovley comments ='D

@mandy-kun i swear guys will love this movie!! XD

@mangazebra omg that's the best comment ever ='0 it's such a compliment to know someone is seeing it as almost animation ='0 th-thank you >0

posted on February 23rd, 2010, 4:45 pm


posted on September 21st, 2019, 1:38 pm

Venom master

You realy don't want to know what kind of girls I met everyday-.-'

I can't say guys shouldn't watch movies like that if they don't want (even my fav movie is Corpse Bride) but things like assuming he do and if he doesn't leave him or even forceing him to watch it are just wrong!

Hell of it! Yesterday my female friend took offence on me coz I didn't wanted to watch some japan drama. WTH?

posted on February 23rd, 2010, 5:09 pm


Sweetheart? Thank you~ But I really only say sweet things about your comic and you cuz it's true. C:

I love how you drew Penelope in the first panel~ she looks so adorable~

posted on February 23rd, 2010, 5:26 pm


hurrrr, I don't know that movie actually. I've heard of it.

Uhhh. Well not really cheesy musicals. Buuuuut like. Rocky Horror, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Happiness of the Katakuris (which makes fun of musicals), Sweeney Todd (it's not just about cannibalism! It's cannibalism and SONG), etc.

posted on February 23rd, 2010, 10:08 pm


Yeah its a good price, cant wait to see you both <3

posted on February 24th, 2010, 7:02 pm


hahahahahha this page is so funny, with clifford admitting tht he does, penelope sure is powerfull xD

i really like the backgrounds here, gives are real sense of his home :3

posted on February 26th, 2010, 1:44 pm


okay actually i lied i just read paradise kiss and i think it is defiantly my most favorite manga of all time. i had seen the anime years ago but i just ordered the books... they're so beautiful, i feel like it's definatly ai yazawa's best work! it talks about human emotions and it doesn't bother to dress people up, it shows them as petty and stupid, and people don't except it either, they tell each other when they're acting stupid.

and i think you defiantly see on the internet are very influenced by manga, especially yaoi - i think this might be because the yaoi style is very generic and easy to imitate. but what's beautiful about that is that alot of people adapt it into their own style! latley i've seen alot of new and good artists popping up all over the place with influences that come from classic styles to street art influence! it's really cool and i'm so happy to see so much diversity sprining up!
i love craig thompson, and i agree, both blankets and chunky rice were very good for different reasons. i think what make chunky rice so good was the fact that it worked well with both children and adults - it dealt with matters that both spoke to and appealed to people of all ages. and the art was so simplistic yet complicated! so wonderful.
i haven't read the spirit but i saw the movie... i know alot of people didn't like it but i loved it. i need to look at his stuff, he's such a comic classic!!

posted on February 27th, 2010, 11:39 pm