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February 16th, 2010, 5:01 pm


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i always get suh wonderful feedback and it's crazy, why such nice feedback for a comic like this huh? ='0

thanks a billion, it really makes my day everytime to know what people are thinkin' when reading ;__; thank you so much ='( *sobsob*

@3eoclock thank you for clearing your cool kid slang up for me! exellent phrasing you guys have XD going to use this in the future hahaah XD

@eternalbeliver oh dont worry, it wasn't meant in a negative way! I find it lovley that someone is very sensetive to anytihng they get in touch with, you have so much emotional intelligence ='D I'm proud to know you do it with my comic, too ...thank you ='D also i got the impresson you are not too impressed with valentines day ahaha XD well i understand why some people do not like v-day; it is pretty commerical and hallmarky, and if you are feeling lonely it doesnt make you feel much better ='I however i've always felt it's just nice to have a day to celebrate 'love' - i choose to celebrate it though with family and friends as well as a guy if i have one =) love is universal not just to cpuples, its a shame ppl see it that way you know?? ='D

@gerugeru ilu always ;w;~v what kinds of bottom is your preferred? (I mena do you like em big or..?) just curious XD (is this question too personal?!) XD; i'm verrrry happy you liked the v-day picture with the jigsaw and mackensie characters, i felt it was better to do these guys cause you are righ,t it was more unique ='D

@soxy LOL omg sexysoxy you are a cool trippin' gangsta stylin' gurl n' all ='D *admire* <3 xD

@leeland now knowing what nerf is, i am laughing so much thank you, it made my day XD!! what would you hunt with nerf darts if you could? <D also thank you for answering aobut the sequence, i am glad it is OK ='> that's bummin' about your v-day, but i'm glad you spend it with your family ususally =D I hope your h/w is going well!!

@hydenpsyce thank you so so much for your comment!! and yes it is true, some men rlelay can be kinda too faced in order to keep up a er..'life style' hahahaa XD men are so cruel, i'm sure some girls can be like that too huh ='I also thank you for letting me know about the sequence, thank you ='0

@gothbird thank you so much for commentin' every time and with such love!!! ;__; LOL xD 'boring' is the day you sepdn with your b/f ahhaha XD I hope you guys had a romantic and wonderful time even if it was boring ='D where did you go? xD

@alice sorry for throwing you off, although, you never know how the story is going to go- i aint too happy talking about it, anyway =I instead i am going to ask, what's your faveoruote comic?!!

@emma it's totally cool, yu don't have to comment all the time!! It's understandable since not a lot happens in this comic *laugh*, it's great to know you are readin' the comic though ='D

@epilosion thank you very muhc;; i didnt like the way that picture came out at all =/ i am very happy you tohught it was OK!!! ='D

@radical train OMFG YOU GOT A NEW JOB!!! ='DD CONGRATS!!! getting a nnew job is always awesome! is it a good job? I'm so happy for you! that's good reason to celebrate, and so is using a day as an excuse to eat lotsa chocolate hahaha XD!!

@avi den kanashi : I frikkin; love your art and your art style SO MCUCH.............It would be an honour to receive fanart- this being said, the centiment makes me honoured enough- thank you so much ='I

@heigei man your comments are always so lovley and loving and passionate and they always make me exited and make my day ;__; btw whilst we are here, i was wonderin' when are you going to update zombie life already huh?? ='( anyway, that's so interesitng to know it's not a big day in sweden!! but it's still recognised huh? I love the fact that you celebrate it with your family too ='DD I feel EXACTLY the same way about the whole feeling lonley thing; i dont think it should be a day that everyone hates with such passion for soemthing that is pretty normal xD really they should just ignore it and leave it to the couples =) i loved your valentines day picture, for both art and meaning ='D awesome ~

@kalik0 oh man the first time in 7 monthd?! =0 did you have an awesome time? I hope you forgot your daily troubles for a moment and got to soak it all up ='D it must be pretty cool having 2 kids though (I hear it's bitter sweet *laugh*)

i was pretty shocked about the reaction to the two images =S i never saw it as a big deal, so to see reactions to a 'coupling' or whatever it is was pretty...dare i say it, touching >,0 Idk...thank you, anyway it pretty much mad emy day as always;;

i've made the second book, and i dedicated it to all of you lot- i hope you dont mind! I also chickended out on that FAQ and instead put in more amazing art by you amazing artists ='D *so exited*

posted on February 16th, 2010, 5:49 pm


posted on September 19th, 2019, 2:40 am


Okay well the job really suckkkkkssss. Holy crap. I kid you not. This was supposed to be computer related, why did I spend today (and yesterday) opening 400+ pieces of mail, unfolding it, sometimes refolding, and restapling?
fff ffff ffffff
Stupid rebate center processing thing! If you ever send in stuff for rebates (especially for energy efficient things like washers, fridges, or light bulbs and whatnot) do not staple anything together okay? OKAAAAAAY? I hate removing staples.
*whine complain*
*shut up*

posted on February 16th, 2010, 7:48 pm


haha you read me well, I have always seen valentines day as only for couples sort of thing. And since I have never had a boyfriend I lack interest in it. But I think its good that you celebrate it with your family and friends together, wish my parents would xD

posted on February 16th, 2010, 7:53 pm


Weeell, me and my boyfriend went to a place called Mimi's Cafe and we ate ribs and muffins. LOL. It was sweet, but not too exciting~

And of course my comments carry love~ I LOVE your comic. 8D

And Nah. I think he means for dissin' YOU. It's loooove~

posted on February 17th, 2010, 12:25 am


it's the truth


posted on February 17th, 2010, 7:05 am


I'm so sorry for not writing in ages ;o; i feell soo bad, *drops something on top of my foot*

i really luv the feel of this page, its so nice, and i havn't seen afro and jig like this in ages, it has a soothing feeling, and awww tht so nice wat afro did for her x3, lol sometimes i hate this guy, but he does have a good side.

posted on February 17th, 2010, 8:32 am