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February 7th, 2010, 1:50 pm


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at everyone: thanks for so many comments and encouragment, even if they are small, god i appreciate you acutually took the time to write your thoughts on the comic- i'm very happy and suprised at how suprised everyone was and is feeling about the story- i hope i do not screw it up and make it boring (not that it mattewrs to a reader hahhaah!) =S
gee you guys are all so lovely, i feel so blessed epspeiclaly because everyone who comments has AMAZING art and stories of their own..idk i feel overwelmed..='I thank you very much..you have no idea Dx

@3eoclock all your spamming was wonderful, and yeah your comments are so lovley i just idk...it gave me such a fluffy feeling in my stomach, it's so awesome to know you really love the comic, thank you so much, it really makes me day ;__; also LOL the perspective is awful on that page Dx

@hyde'n'phsyc thank you do much for your comments, it's crazy to know you are feeling nervous!?! D8

@gera waaah i'm so happy you noticed the detail there, thank you for commenting and writing so much, it's so awesome =') you;re absolutley the best stalker ever ) much better than me godamn it!!) also, the perspective was terrible;; Dx i acutualy think your use of posture + perspective is brilliant =)

@amante-kun that's not weird! my oldest friend once told me this is apparently what a lot of people do; he does the same, he's very analytical about it/is unsure as to wether he likes someone or not? I guess one day when you find 'the one' you'll just know just like that ='D

@bubky-b ahh i see what you mean now and yes! I definatley think it's a good attitude to have to know that you'll always improve, i think even professional artists always have a new direction to take in their art, it's always wonderful to see artists progress don't you think? =)

@mandy-kun just to say thank you ='D for commenting always!!

@sorrowsneptune wow!! I absolutley give you the biggest thanks for putting the effort in to read all this rubbish, thank you so much for having the patience and doing so Dx

@heigei tell me more stories, i love sharing stories too it's brilliant! It's lovley to have gotten to know you this last week with the livestream, and your accent is so adorable ='D thank you so much for commenting, it's just pretty awesome to know you are feeling entertained by it, thank you so much you have no idea how much it makes my day ;__;

@emma thank you so much for commenting and I am glad you are enjoying the story so far- it is crazy to know jigsaw is your fave character hahaha! XD

@Chirurotsu blimey, all your comments were so insightful and interesting to read, i cannot thank you enough for writing so much- it was srlsy a joy to read and so much to ponder..thank you from the bottom of me heart =') also i dont know owen pallett?? reccomend some songs? =D

@alice it's a shame 'wayne' just had one name Dx but still i am both suprised and delighted that it is in fact leagle to have 17-yr-olds get a stripper (with permission)....that guy is totally the coolest dad. it reminds me of 'we live in modern times' LOL. I have to sday it's been a lot of fun hanging out with you so much on the livestream!! also, thank you for the comment aobut the comic....i just feel pretty honoured somebody thinks that hcaracter is 'cute'...='I thank you!!!!

@eternalbeliver thank you for your comments very much =') they really made my day!! also, ahhaha XD the perspective on that page is just awful Dx i am so glad you didn't notice *laugh* no i do not use refrence- actually i am not good at it but they say with perspective you have to sort of 'wing it' so they say =0 also i personally think you are a lot better with your use of space/distance and perspective ='D (as always, godamn i cant wait for more head over heart *laugh*) xxx

@afro-samurai it's flipping crazy but great to know you seem so shocked, thank you for commenting ='D

@piano-kun again thank you so much for commenting on every page, i very much appreciate all that effort ='>

@wanderingmuse that comment is fantastic to hear XD i am basically very glad that you can relate to her character!! I think all girls at one point or another (possibly) seem to go for men who are bad for them, and visa versa!! oh we are all so screwed up!! xD

@bonbon blimey...i got this comment not long ago- i just wanted to say you have no idea how much this mad emy day, whatta comment to make ='I th-thank you very very much...

@radicaltrain THANK YOU!!

@katiejuby oh wow you love the beatles too?? ='D what are your fave songs?

@captainghost your comment was so kind and lovely to hear, thank you very much =')

@kicksatanout thank you so much for your comments as always!! ='DD i also think you are very intelligent to notice the message of impact on the image of that first panel- i am very very glad you noticed the details =)

posted on February 7th, 2010, 2:31 pm


posted on September 19th, 2019, 2:33 am


hahahahA... Penelope looks like such a stalker on this page. Reminds me of what I used to be like xDD
I don't think I draw enough perspective,im always drawing side views and fronts of my characters. Backgrounds are easier but.. XDDDDD I should really try to do some more varied ones sometime

posted on February 7th, 2010, 6:52 pm

Ur Mom


posted on February 8th, 2010, 6:09 pm


lol i'm a bit of a writermaniac, just have so much to say xDD i hope it won't become annoyin to readd my too many comments :)
but i love givin my insight on comics, its a real fun for me to analise things, especially with ur story tht seems soo real, i could one day walk down the street and see a penelope or a clifford tht would be so funny and kool xD.

and don't kno if u'll like owen pallett, its very experimental music, and he uses a lot of instruments, listening to him always reminds me of theatre.
these are some of the songs i enjoy.
"Tryst with mephistopheles"
"keep the dog quiet"
"lewis takes off his shirt"
"The great elsewhere"

lol some of the names are weird xD.

anyw to the comic, i love this scene, all really sneeky, but i understand her fear of approaching him :) u never kno wat he'll do or say.

posted on February 9th, 2010, 9:25 am