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December 30th, 2009, 10:02 am


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hello everyone-

it's almost a whole decade!! =0
this is important to me, i think, because this decade is probably going to be my most relevant one (from 10 to 20 i did a lot of growing up these last few years hahha!) so everone is it the same for you? (you're all around my age i belive) and if not, what was your growing up decade? ='D

I'd like to just say thank you, heigei, alice, hydenphsyc, demochatte, kids_can_fly, Em, Gothic-bird, and magical school, and everyone else i am about to reply to in more detail about other things, and finally for people who might just be reading it in general:-

but i wanted to just say THANK YOU to all of you esspeuiclaly about the last page- i er, wasn't expecting a lot of 'i love this character' DDDD'x *sob sob* I cannot explain it, but i just am incredably greatful; i suppose just to know that people are really enjoying the story so far. i really hope you continue to read, and that it doesnt get too boring- bascilly thank you for liking it so far =')

thank you so so so so so so much!!!!!! =')))) dare i say it.... *big hugs to everyone* DDx

@radical train mmm, good pure tea, hwere you can taste the herbs =] -sigh-

@eternal-beleiver wooooow sparkely leggings sounds awesome XD when you've seen the movie tell us what it's like! you love korean music btw, does this count for films and comics as well? just curious xD =] hahaha XD thank you making the comment aobut the smoking! I think i wantto improve how this character appears in the future Dx i get the impression that when smokers are stressed thry tend to go for a smoke, it seems to be like a security blanket for them =D

@kicksatanout i have to say, it's very speech-taking and flattering to know someone thinks your character is 'hot' Dx th-thank you very much!!!! i hope it was Ok to say this;

@heigei OMG!! that's an amazing fact! I knew that it is possible for people to get horrid things from being around second hand smoke- but to be addicted?! that's pretty interesting =0 so the hot guy, was the kiss a good one? xD

@gera no way i didnt know ciggaretes tasted like snikcers =0 that makes them seem more appealing- though i dont get how people do it! actually holding something in your lungs, how do you do that? =0 amazing! however, the best smell of cigars i've ever smelt, is in fact the cherry flavour ones- so yummy >D i, i, i've become so addicted to meat lately. this week all ive been eating is hcold turkey and chunks of ham-meat <D~~~~~ <--- drool. so i tihnk i would love this sauerkraut!!

@venomaster, probably the only man reading at this point hahahah XD exellent. yes i can imagine that guys probably do just sit in a trance for days Dx

posted on December 30th, 2009, 10:22 am


posted on August 17th, 2019, 6:49 pm

Venom master

haha, I feal so lonely now=.="

You mean how old are we?
Emm, well I'll turn 21 in january...

posted on December 30th, 2009, 4:36 pm


Hmm, yeah. I'm only 17, but I've become a lot more aware of things these past 7 years since i moved from a tiny place to the big city~

So I guess the 2000's was my growin up decade too. Though I think I still got growin up to do~ C:

Clifford looks absolutely adorable in the last panel~~ C:

posted on December 30th, 2009, 6:27 pm


Cliff is so nervous oh my! XD
Im only 17, but I know my growing decade hasnt finished yet, Im still young so I dont know much yet. The film is really good, its called hero, and it has Jet li and Donnie yen in it, yum. It's a really pretty film. Its based on ancient china. The fights are really elegant too, not rough like you see in some movies. Yep I read a few korean comics, and I like watching korean dramas. Korean guys are so so cute! XD haha

posted on December 30th, 2009, 7:21 pm