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December 20th, 2009, 3:28 pm


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veryone, thank you for all the happy birthdays to me mama and all!! ='D i haven't been able to speak to her yet, but when i do will let her know- how lovely are you folk?!!

thank you for all the comments everyone, i am greatly honoured and blessed bascuially ='( it's bumming me out that i can't have real conversation and that i find it hard to keep track of all the comments, sigh ='( i'm sorry for being so lame =[

@amante-kun:- just simply thank you for all your adorable comments and observations on the comic, thank you so so much ='D

@comicreleif- thank you very much =] it's pretty flattering to know yu wish two characters together- btw, i LOVE your icon and i lovelovelove your art gallery on DA Dx

@soxy LOL- SRSLY!!! how screative do you get with your warmin' words missy?! I wish i cold take all these nick names and phrases and put thme inmto a dictionary!! Dx (extra for a next book??? ='D that would be cool actually) thank you for always making me laugh =) (on the twitter too)

@demochatte your enthusiasm makes me go all gooey inside, thank you very much ;w;

@3-e-oclock once again, your passion really makes me crumble, i am humbled by your comments, esspecialy because i have so much love and respect for your art and comic ='<

@Piano-kun i have to express my utter um...fascination for your interest in the characters xDD I really do enjoy seeing the observations you make on thme and everything- thank you very much =') also- OMG yes i am very big fan of kate beaton (isn't everyone?) I tihnk she is a big pioneer of online comics and the indie comic style (or maybe not!) i actulaly met her once, at a small comic con in england, though she was hard to see and by then her books had sold out *laugh* also, OOOH I LOVE THOSE FAN VIDEOS!! i've always wondered how the jpanese do them, and i tihnk they are amazing ='D the japanese 'youtube' poop is actually a lot cooler than ours i feel XD

@katie juby your comment was a big suprise but rather lovley as usual XD I love french fries, only if they are boiled in fat and from McD's, or something like that, what kind of french fries do you like?

@eternal I AGREE!! yeah, because dont you hate in shoujo when everyone falls in love in lke 6 pages? it makes me go 'nah i dont belive it!!' it's the same with movies too xD thus yes, the following pages will be an imprivment i hope- but let me know yeah? crit is always welcomes =) ps. i am really glad the info on the course has helped you!! please let me know how it is going and get us up to date, and btw, UPDATE HOH ALREADY! it's x-mas give us a treat!! xD

@lolcrayon BLIMEY ;o; you;re just too sweet LOL crayon, can i ask when will you be updating sender unkown next? i fucking love your creatiivity ='0 also you asked previously (i'm sorry i did not answer!!) what colour everyone's hair is irl(uh, irl? XD;; ) jigsaw has white hair, afro has floressent green hair (died green haha XD) clifford has black hair, dustin has blondey brown hair, lucy has black hair, and johnnie has very dark brown. penelope has sort of um...satin hair (it's hard to explain.)

I have to admit, once i caught a funny thing where you and arisu were arguing over what colour her hair was. that was funny to read hahahahahahahahaha XDDD;; (forgive me!!!! ;oo;)

@gerra it;s OK, i understand what you mean, and i'm very happy you tihnk that- it's just that you see, that sort of writing is very important to me ='D ofc. i ma no where near as good as i'd like to be (ive a ways to go) but i really admire people like say, Nora efforn, who really puts realism into her characters, you get to know thme little by little and it really makes them beliveable...man i wish i could be that awesome ='D (nora effron wrote when harry met sally!! has you seen that? =D ) has anyone?

@alice LOL XDD

@mandy-kun golly gee, your comments are so adorable =')

@magical school nah, i disagree with every thing you say- though i am speechless, and i have to say thank you ;w; i really wish my colouring was much better. i'm absolutely besotted with your comic right now, i'm really interested with what mediums you use?? (i already asked this on your comic lol XD )

@chrurotsu your comments are always ever so insightful and whats more very interesting to read =) it's really a joy so thank you- i have to say you talked aobut observing people's body language and things like that- i totlaly agree! I think that body language is the most important thing in the world to look at, and you see a lot of a person's true personality thru their body langusage dont you think? from what you say about it, your comments really match the kind of drawing you do! I'm amazed that you didn't even learn your art through school, impressive or what ;o;

@KickSatanOut as you know xD I am such a huuuuge fan of the utena manga- goddamn i really love those female characters who are powerful yet feminine and heroic?? like lady oscar from rose of versalis you know?? what's more- I FROKKIN LOVE PRINCESS TUTU orugh that is one of my faveourite animes too ='DDDD have you seen 'magic users club' done by the same people? my god that anime is both hillarious yet mysterious and so interesting towards the end, sigh~ I have not heard of maria holic but as you say it looks fabulous and weird and i'm going to watch it!! XD

@heigei your fanart is so awesome ;w; i rly wish i could print it in full colour -sigh- hopefuly i will be able too!! ='D

@amy, of lamposts: by the sounds of it you use your guache perfectly, i'd flippin' love to see it and all!! ;__; i love how your art gallery uses such a range of mediums, and it's all traddtional!! ='D is your comic done the same way?

posted on December 20th, 2009, 4:02 pm


posted on September 21st, 2019, 1:49 pm


XD Sorry, I will be updating HoH soon! With a little surprise banner.
I think Shoujo manga one shots are the worst because they have to to be a certain page limit the characters fall in love way too soon XD!

posted on December 20th, 2009, 6:14 pm


ahahaha i am gladddd. most people do not know what the fuck i am talking about when i mention the anime i like... and i know what you mean! i really like anime with strong female leads, and it donsn't get any stronger then utena and oscar!! usually when you have the masculine female characters they're over masculine, but what i really loved about utena was that why most of the girls had a "princley" way to them, they still managed to maintain their feminity.
i have not seen magic users club, but i'm pretty sure i heard of it and was going to watch it around the time i was watching pretty cure, and then i lost my internet, and forgot about it... i will have to check it out! i feel like they don't make anime like they used to... but at the same time you have really great animation companies trying alot of new and interesting things, so i guess it evens out!

posted on December 21st, 2009, 4:45 pm


Ahh thank youuu ;A;
most of my recent stuff is digital though, but I still like using traditional <3
My comic is traditinal! Except for some small editing in Photoshop here and there XD

I also really like Penelope's hairstyle :D the first panel made me realize how fluffy it is. I really like the interactions between her and the bookman.. and the interactions between like, everyone in the story XD
I'm also into m-flo now because of this comic :D
*sorry for talking so much lol*

posted on December 21st, 2009, 11:33 pm


You MET Kate Beaton?! *is jealous* Lucky!

Yes, those videos are so fun...I try to find as many as I can. =D

posted on December 22nd, 2009, 10:13 pm


lol u praise me too much ur the genius here xD but i'm surprised tht my comments mirror the way i draw lol, never knew tht.
i did go to art college, there i learned about life drawing, and a lot of other things, but i guess my art just developed through those yrs without really knowing. but anyw i'm happy tht my comments bring u such joy.

oka to the comic, nooo i can't believe the process her thoughts are goin in now lol, i guess penelope is just too nice, but thts not a bad thing, i also believe tht their are many sides of one person, but i really hope tht she dosn't go for mckenzie

posted on December 31st, 2009, 10:11 am