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December 5th, 2009, 6:12 pm


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@Gera i'm interested to know why you are on afro's side- if you dont mind me asking =) (just curious!!) I acutlaly think, it's good to be carefree- i think while you still have your youth, it's a good thing- i much prefer people who look on the positive side to people who are a -too serious- i suppose there has to be a balance =)i do think, a positve attitude is a very good thing to have (in this day and age of paranoia...) i find you are incredably realistic =) and no no, i am too serious hahahaah XD btw i'm very glad you took the time to listen to that tune- isn't it awesome? ='D i loved the girl who leapt through time amv!!!

@eternalbeliever it would be cool maybe to see you do some other mediums, tohugh i tihnk watercolour really suits your style ;w; definatley the sketchiness of graphite, it would look so atmospheric on your lovley nostalgic art =) i am not on campus, but living in a house that is near the uni =D it's at swindon cnorthstar college, although the course is a univeristy course! why do you ask? what are you planning after college? =] i am intrigued, how is afro makensie nteresting? sorry for asking that!! XD hahaha i'm so lame!

@Chirurotsu your comment alone made my day- wow ;o; i'm seriously touched- all i can say is thank you, beyond anything. i am partocularly flattered because your comic is very, very cool =') and urgh, isn';t that version just awesome?? ;o; but i lvoe the oriignal too!! I lvoe how this version kind of changes the whole attitude of the song, i mean wow!!

@kickingsatan GAW! yeah the version in sctubs is the first one i saw- it was so good i really did well up a little bit >.< it sent shivers up me spine!

@Piano-kun - i would absolutley adore if you did fanart. thank you ;w; but take your time, ofc. i feel your classwork and commisions are bloody important!! good luck man =)

@lolbcrayon i must agree that men have a fun ny thing where as soon as a girl is gone, they suddenly seem to relaise what they lost?! Dx *does not understand*

@3-e-oclock Thankyou, thank you thank you for updating so bloody regularly - i am thourglhy enjoying the regular updates ='D

@mandy-kun, @amante-kun, @radical-train @kids-can-fly @venomaster @cropcircledesigner, @demochatte @Alicerose, @gothbird, @id engager, and everyone else who i habve just said other things to from other conversations:- THANK YOU ALL SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH.

i don;t really know what to say- but good lord, it was VERY lovley to get all these emotions from everyone- i'm VERY HAPPY ;w; and as i'm sure you can all relate to!! when you're an artist and you try your hardest at a part of a comic, it's comepltley gratifying to know that thew story is being enjoyed.

thank you ...gee i dont know what else to say. thank you is said too much ='S

posted on December 5th, 2009, 6:36 pm


posted on August 17th, 2019, 6:49 pm


Ohoho, I am on top of things. The second you update, I'm like, here. BAM. XXD

Looks like Mac is taking the "we're just friends" route...

posted on December 5th, 2009, 6:49 pm


I said afro Mackenzie is interesting, because I used to always think he didn't have much of a backbone. Especially after what he did to penelope my respect for him evaporated,but then when he defended himself on page 259 i was pretty impressed xD I hope I make sense.
Im planning to study a film course because right now i have to make an application to uni's,the problem right now is that Im not sure if I should really pursue a film career, so Im looking at other courses. ^^

posted on December 6th, 2009, 1:43 pm


Awww its my pleasure hugs u tight, happy it made u happy x3, and thnk u ur words means a lot too me :3
i kno tht feeling when u work hard on something and people are enjoying it, it really makes oneself happy.

God i love the facial expressions on afro's face here, he's just speechless awwww

posted on December 9th, 2009, 11:06 am