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December 2nd, 2009, 7:43 pm


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hello fellas,

in advabce, if you read this- WELL READ THIS FIRST. i'm quite sleepy- excuse me if my spelling is quite awful from here on out.

wow, thank you fro the response, it's so interesting hearing what everyne thinks about little tihngs like this- what a debate =DD!! I also must thank you radicaltrain, gera and 3-e-oclock for your advice and honesty about the pages on the new thingy- thank you so much!!

i have chnaged the way the pages are done, i hope they look better now.

@king moptop thank you for commenting =) i do agree that in the long run, hard work definatley gets you respect! (not even in the long run!)

@ladyinblack i'm suprised!! why is hardwork better than play in your opinion? =] thank you for comenting =D

@syrra irl, i agree- i tihnk everytihng in moderation is the best way to go in life in general =D like... we are all kids deep dwon anyway, and we all need to relax!

@amante-kun it's nice you do both =D i hope you at least enjoy the work you do!! work can feel so satisfying when you've finished it =]

@hydenphsyce i love your icon XDDD and thank you very much for commenting =) also, you were very much in the mark with the character jigsaw's personality ='D

@Id engager i shoudl say the same for th colouring on your comic!!! get back to me on the desktop thing plz =D thank you very much for commenting =]

@radical train im sorry for asking so much!! but what is hendoism? (I assume pkaytfullness) it is a tough argument, i think. =] or maybe there just needs to be a balance!

@Venom master bwhahaah XD a great phrase!! maybe we as people should follow this philosphy?? =0

@mikkem it's cool, you are free to look at the comic whenever you like =D i wouldnt say there would be any rush for people to read a webcomic quickly anywho =) thank you for commenting and always looking too!! and i find it interesitng that you are the opposite! are you atrracted to people who are workaholics? =)

@Chirurotsu i totally agree, there really does need to be a balance!! =) i would just like to say (if it's alright) it's lovely and interesting, hearing what you are thinking about the characters-

@kicksatanut yes!! i tihnk in nay creative industry, you really need to wrok hard and focus entirely ion what you are doing to get anywhere- it's a tooouuugghhh business!! Dx

@eternal im glad you got my e-mail!! I tihnk your work is really suited to traddtional as wlel- i lvoe how you work with water colour oencils =) have you tried any other traddtional medium?
i would thourglhy enjoy drawing your characters oldskool, i will draw fanart ='D *exited*
i'm also very exited to hear you are updating this week, i rly miss the days when HOH updated regulalry! (say x-mas is rolling around...? ='D)

@Urmom as i said to you, you are young and full of life, and should take advantage of that!!! life is for LIVING and while you are innocent, live it well (but dont get too disturbd) pardon me however for sounding like an old maid over here. Dx at times, david seems kinda mean to you XDD it also seems to be all in jest though!! (puppy love?)

@alphanumeric thank you for commenting, so much...i'll get back to you on that xD

@piano-kun LOL- weirdly, the whole time i have been replying to people, this phrase has popped into my mind so much! XD and yes!! i agree that a bit fo both is good, people should know when to have fun and when not to!!

@gera between you and me, i am peronsally a very serioud person- but i really like people who are actually more playfful =) when i talk to you, i get the impression btw that you look on the postive side of life, which is nice and refreshing ='D CHRISTMAS RULES!! and it' so beyond cool that your dad is a music teacher?! and your godfather huh?? i cna understand if you tihnk he is the coolest (he sounds ICE COOL!!) and reminds me of my father, who funnily enough is also heavily involved with music =) oh dear, are we...dare i say... bonding? Dx

@alice hahahaha XD WHY CANT THEY ALL GET ALOOONG?! i lvoe it XD thank you very much for commenting!!! well, its wonderfult o hear your toughts on the characters! i hope it doesnt annoy you when i say, i'm incredably pleased that you are confused aobut the characters, i hope thme to begin to be a bit more than one dimensional (tho i cant pull it off yet, sadly...when i am 50 xD ) your picutre you did for me (the hand draw one of lovecom) hangs on my wall at uni, and everyone comments on it all the time~ =)

by the way, my veiw on this usbject is; a little of each. i also think it depends on where you are in your life. i feel if you are working towards a goal, or something important, hard work is required- getting involved with love and games is not helpful... on the other hand, i tihnk too many young people nowadays are growing up too quickly. people even as old as 20 (my age).

it does depen don where you are and what you are doing. right now, i am at univeristy, whilst working hard i am also enjoying the fruits of life, while i can. i dont know if anyone agree's with me, but i hope you are all living it up/lived it up when you were young =DDD

//rant appologies for ranting and bad spelling and schpeiling aobut myself. and thank you all VERY VERY VERY muxh for commenting, as always, thank you ='DD

posted on December 2nd, 2009, 8:24 pm


posted on August 17th, 2019, 6:53 pm

Venom master

I always do:3

posted on December 3rd, 2009, 1:08 am


whooo this battle is becomin very fierce, u would nearly think they'll end up tearing eact others heads off.

i quite like tht u get to see Mackenzies angry side, and tht he finally stands up for his rights.

don't kno if i've ever told u but this is the best comic i've read on smackjeeves, each page makes my day, i never get bored its always full of exitement.
and ur characters are so alive, they all have an important part in this story.
i also enjoy how in a way ur running two stories at the same time.
there's the bookguy and penelope's story, and then these two, best thing is that u've made it work really well together.

posted on December 4th, 2009, 6:37 am


Ive tried never tried over mediums for drawing comics, I stick with watercolour because its safer. Id like to use graphite or something one day, but Id hate to use acrylic xD
Compared to jigsaw Im a little lazy, I should be working harder. Are you staying on campus at uni, whats it called?

posted on December 4th, 2009, 2:55 pm