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November 19th, 2009, 4:54 pm


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if you could please read this, thank you very much =):-

since everyone has said suprisingly similar things, i just wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all of those comments. i honestly don;t deserve this- it's very uplifiting for someone who has a long way to go...
a) thank you for the (suprising) comments about the book man's hair- LOL;;
b) I am interested to see that everyone is thinking about waht is going to happen between the characters- thank you for always sharing your thoughts- it's srsly awesome to hear it from so many different people ='D it's also very inspiring and can change the way the story moves too =)
just been a lot of comments not only about the art but also the story- this is just greatly wonderful ;__; sorry if i sound big headed too, i dont mean to be- just eternally greatful!! it's totally overwelming and uplifitng..;w; thank you so much, - and thank you everyone for reccomending some fantastic anime!! <D I am very exited =]

@yazzy dream i just want to say thank you for taking the time to comment, and whats more giving nick names to characters ='D

@decora-ai just to say you are free to comment or not =] I can understand if you are shy- although i cannot imagine why! I feel this community on smackjeeves is a friendly one =D it would be nice if we could all talk more =D

@RadicalTrain WOOOOW- i checked out the manga of tegami bachi - it looks f***ing GEORGEOUS ='D I love the style, and the story looks crazy XDD!! i will certianky be watching the anime too~

@ladyinblack i hear that ghost hunt is pretty scary! am i thinking of the right one? xD

@lolcrayon OMG you have such great great taste in stuff i swear ='D yes i am a big fan of monster, and 'pluto' and '2oth century boys' all done by the same guy- he s really a buig inspiration and really amazing ='D I love that minster appears to be soemtihng else but it really quite phsycological! it's quite amazing!!thank you for mentioning it ='D you have amazing taste in stuff in general~~ also i've always wanted to see kimi ni todoke but always hestated, witohut a doubt i will go and watch it now <D

@cropcirlcedesigner OMG YOU HAVE EXELLENT TASTE- ONLY ONE THING TO SAY- TEKKON KINKREET= BEAUTIFUL!! I also reccomend cat soup if you havent seen it, i think you might like it very much, it's gergeous too!! ='D

@Gera no way!! =0 I think your art style is incredably 'arty' and most definatly creative =D i also think your story telling skills are beautiful and creative too =] OOHH!! I've never seen blood+ but have seen blood, have you seen it? it looks fantastic! thank you for the reccomendation ='D <3<3 i jsut want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all the overwelming comments =') it's proper lovley from someone i respect very much <3 by the way, surely you know by now how much i whore your artwork, so any kind of fanart would be so greatly welcomed ;o; *cries* *hugs*

@piano-kun it's cool to not watch anime in a long time, of course =DD and i must say that even if yu consider it a whole ago- watching terra toppa is AWESOME!! ='D i love it so much too!! it has great reputation with good reason!! I love it i think personally because it was the first shounen anime in a looong time that wasn't particularly wangsty, jsut fun and full of SPIRIT!! <D~ i have to say, you are very clever to notice that imitation on that particular page- yes that was done on purpose ='D also, i wanted to say a big thank you for.....dare i say it..wanting to 'ship' my characters?! christ that makes me happier than words can say D'''x thank you...;o; essepcially because i certianly respect you as an artist and story teller too Dx

@imoomoo/ur mom/shazz monster - you rule, you're awesome- it's wonderfult ot alk to you late into the night ;w; thank youf or the comments, thank you =')

@Chirurotsu yeah, i totally agree about anime- when compared to the original manga, it definately looses it's beautiful quality!! what kind of manga do you read if any?? what about other sorts of comics? =DD thank you in general for commenting, and saying very nice things aobut the characters ='D you are wonderfuly honest, and your comments make me laugh xD esspecially the thing about cutting off hands XDD

@katiejuby hahahah XD anime isn't for everyone, wathcing tv isn't for everyone =] my friend has the same problem too, he just has too much energy/just want to do more hands on sorts of things! thank you for your comments, as well ='D

@venom i totally got involved and addicted to bleach not long agop xD evne tohugh there are so mnay characters, perosnally ichigo remains to be my faveourite xD; what about you??

@eternalbleiver sorry to being it back to HOH (head over heart) again, but i could say exactly the same thing aobut your characters! so incredably realistic, and that makes them unpredicatable, where as my characters i feel are quite predicatable =] in any case i deifnately prefer stories with more realistic characters, i am glad my comic is heading towards that idea- thank you for your comments ='] i have been meaning to watch kimi ni todoke, and now i am deifnately perswaded to amek ti my next anime!! <3 have seen gintama, i'm sure of it =0 i have googled it and it looks absoutley fabulous, i LOVE THE ART STYLE!! it looks very cool and oldskool <D

@kick satan out - i only have one thing to say- I LOVE Utena and i RUDDY LOVE rose of versalis!!! aren't oscar and Utena the coolest people ever??!! ='0 you have fantastic taste in anime ='D

@anstypenguin ooh thank you for this reccomendation- i have never heard of this, and it looks absolutley fabulous =0 i will definately have a watch!! thank you =]

@3-e-oclock : i have to say that personally, i think a movie is the perfect way to cure tears!! XD you did nothing wrong imo =D
funnily enough, you reccomended summer wars and just as i was reading that comment i was inspired to research his work, and found out about summer wars- OMG it looks fantastic!! ;o; I hope it comes out over here at some point!! I must say having read your journals and what not it is obvious you have EXELLENT taste in movies- i absolutley adore that you love the oldies ;w; all the films you wrote down here are so wonderful ;;;www;;;...*in awe* and also some of them i haven't seen- can you reccomend me some great old movies?? ='D also, east of eden looks bloody fantastic- i saw the first episode- funnily enough my faveourite japanese artist did the character designs (she also did the manga honey and clover!!) i'm so glad it was animated beautifuly ='D

@magicalschool i love your art so so much- so thank you ='0 i despise you!! how can you say that when your art is so beyond beautiful!! Dx

@lemon cake, @satan-eater @soxy - i just gotta say i laughed so much about your comments on the hair and 'look'- just er, i don;t deserve the compliments, so thank you x'D

just ot say, sorry if my comments make no sense, and also my appoliogies for saying thank you so much. i dont know if maybe it should stop or what, does it get annoying? if you have any opinions feel free to speak about it =]

posted on November 19th, 2009, 6:06 pm


posted on August 17th, 2019, 6:50 pm


Tegami Bachi makes me want to be a nerd and cosplay. :C
And make comics.
And roll around in joy.
Vicious, vicious joy.

posted on November 19th, 2009, 6:53 pm


Yeah you're right!^w^

And you're very welcome. :D

posted on November 20th, 2009, 3:01 am

Venom master

My favourite is Coyote Stark from espada, coz he's very much like me (I'm just not so handsome as he is=.=")

posted on November 20th, 2009, 3:07 am


OHHH NOO WHO TEXT HER! i hope its not tht perverted guy, if it is i hope bookguy tells him to fuck off lol.
uhh and wat movie are they watching just curious, like is it a romance or thriller, maybe a comedy tht would cheer penelope up.

oh and manga's i enjoy are, Skip Beat its really funny, Hana yori dango (my favourite comic of all times), vampire knight, naruto (been reading it for like 5yrs now xD) Matsuri Special. but i think i enjoy reading amatour stuff a lot more, i just see different styles, stories, sometimes i get tired of reading the stuff thts popular cuz the ideas are typical even thought they can be really funny, but i feel like theres this typical pattern in especially shoujo, like the first guy u kiss is goin to be the first one u end up with, it just pisses me a bit off lol.
i'm also tryin to read other types of comics, like western stuff, not really marvels and DC been tryin to read, but i find it hard to get pulled in. wat about u? and sorry for talkin so much, its just nice to share hobbies and stuff xD

posted on November 20th, 2009, 7:43 am


How annoying, If I hadnt seen this has been updated on the front page of smackjeeves I would of missed it ;_;
Im not sure about whats going to happen between, um book guy and peneplope. I doubt shes going to want to jump into another relationship with a guy so soon. But then Im not sure, shes so vunerable, that guys can easily take advantage of her. Sorry penelope ;_;

Ah Hoh, Im struggling with that comic right now, its so hard to script let alone draw :_;
One of the few things I like about my comic is the realistic-ness. I get really agitated If I add even a little bit of um shall I say "fantasy" in it. I have exprienced so many feelings and such in england. I just want to let it all out.Im worried that the many people who live outside england on smackjeeves will not understand the comic very well, you know such as the "chavs", (I like drawing them its fun) education system and the many strange things that happen in england. But everyone seems to understand japanese manga :_;
I dont really read the the Gintama manga, but its really sketchy. Compared to other manga in shonen jump it seems less stylish so I feel I can relate to it alot :]

posted on November 20th, 2009, 6:20 pm


Aww thx xD *3* stop it u'll make me blush haha
no seriousely i love your style and it's a great comic, one of my favourite on smackjeeves cause it's so original and the characters are just ADorable, totally wonderful!, they always make me get into such a good mood when i see them in action, and it's so unpredictable :O so human, i really really want to be able to get my own characters to stand out as much as your's do.
Also i'm really sorry im replying this late but the thing is i didn't notice that you wrote to your fans through the comic pages so i thought you had forgotten me :((( awel im happy now yay ^^ you replied to me :D im happy happy today xD

posted on December 8th, 2009, 9:17 am