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November 14th, 2009, 4:54 pm


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watching four weddings and a funeral:- bloody brilliant film =)

@3-e-oclock OMG!! I love hasoda mamoru!! (and ofc. miyasaki!!) but no-one really seems to nkno0w of mamoru for soem reason! I just LOVE his style of animating!! yes yes, it's that total natural/great pacing thing he is exellent at doing~ I also feel it's the same way for kiyasaki, both take from realism, i rekon it helps big time =] yes!! I lovethe smell of smoke too- altho admitidly i rly dont like smokey rooms xD; i love the smell of cherry flavour cigarrettes~ also, i'm curious, what other characters are in your 'book'? xD (just curious haha!) I must say thank you for your wonderful and sweet comments ;w; thank you;;

@eternalbeliever daw i love the clothes that you draw on demi in paportuclar actually!! she has a really cool kind of sweet/flowery look to her i love! it reminds me of the fashion in honey and clover <3~~ Primark tyo -_- it goes in an dout, some days i love the stuff in there and soemtimes i reaaallly dont like it xD but right now they are going rather 6o's!!x Thank you for your honest comment about being suspicious about the character! I find it interesting that you have that feeling about him already just from smoking! It's pretty cool fir you to get an instant reaction like that =0 i wonder why that is? (my only reason is because i am now reminded of Kim from your comic too!) =) thank you for commenting as always <D

@Alice gawww ;__; thanks for those last few comments, they wre so sweet ((I find it hard to bleive that this has become a part of your daily routine, urgh =_=)joe is getting his scanner up soon, so i hope he'll upload it, i'll send you the links!! =DD (it looks so cool XD) that vintage clothes shop sounds SO COOL!! what kind fo stuff did they have?? =0 it's hard to find decent vintage clothes shops these days!! Dx

@katiejuby @Yazzydream + @eternal bleiver i am amused by your comments about a very clean house hahah XD the house is based on my father's flat in bristol. it's the longest he's ever stayed in a flat- and gee it was one beautiful place. it had a balcony and when you steped outside onto it, you could hear a beautiful jazz saxaphone player everymorning. it echoed across the city streets =)

@Gera (one r, one r) LOL!! totally about the smokers being inconsiderate!! XD I've had so many epxirences of smoker's puffing in everyone's faces w/o realising it! XD I love that your momma does that hahaha XD she sounds very stubborn;; (it's kinda cruel to do that though;;) thank you very much for your comments, it's parotuclarly wonderful to know i am managing somehow to do some kind of movement!! (it's something i am working very hard to try and ahcieve) I am just glad you enjoy the story Dx do say if it gets too boring or whatever! I'm verrry glad you like the books, i'm suprised they came so quickly Dx I hope you like the fanart as well- i'm sorry it's so old Dx and errr i really hope the books are worth all the money you paid out ;__;. btw, YES, i agree, somehow it's much more forfulling when you own something made of someone you know- it counts for famous people and friends alike- i really regret that none-of-you-guys will print and publish your webcomics =( cause they are all so awesome i'd love to own thme and hold them irl..(it's much better than reading online imo) ='( my comic is not that great...but gee if anytihng that shiould encourage all of you guys to self publish!!! cause everyone else is is BLOODY AMAZING!! (you'd do so well selling your comics around here in the UK Gera Dx )

@decora-ai thank you very much for your comments, it's lovley to know ;w; it totally made my day;; it's very helpful to know that the flow is doing OK too-- thank you so much!! ;o;

@Urmom LOL!! that experience of yours wasn't that long ago xD btw i've never actually smoked >80 so what is it like? i find it amusing you did so just to break the ice haha! oddly tho i've gotten stoned *laugh* w/o smoking?! xD

@Orangesocks LOL xD I love your comments about it all hahahah XDD

@lolcrayon for soem reason, i can't imagine you having a very messy room!! but i'd looove to come to your house;; i hate the awkward politeness that comes with some peiople's houses...some peoiple are so touchy about what you can and cannot touch/deal with/look at D8< (like a museum!!) i find it easier just to raid people's homes *laugh*

posted on November 14th, 2009, 5:41 pm


posted on September 21st, 2019, 1:42 pm


Book guy can go kick his ass!!

(Haha, I love how even though we know his name now, a lot of us still refer to him as book guy. XD)

posted on November 14th, 2009, 5:44 pm


awww i abselutely love ur characters they make me squeel xD, this page is one of my favourites, book guy is so adorable, he seems to care a lot for her AWWWW, and penelope is cute.

i laughed a bit when he said, "was it the music" aww he's so cute in tht way, thinking of the music first.

also u draw beautifully i just want to cut ur hands of and switch them with mine xD

posted on November 15th, 2009, 12:22 pm


Its amusing the way hes getting in her face and everything xD
Since your comic is really realistic, I feel that some of your characters cant be trusted straight away at first glance.Which is good,makes them very interesting. I mean in real life thats what its like isnt it? xD People are always hiding secrets.Ok now Im reminding myself about kim xD
I have this rule to never buy clothes from primark again, they never last, haha
Btw how long does it take for you to write replies? I love how chatty you are, I wish I could talk to more comic artists like this XD

posted on November 15th, 2009, 4:50 pm