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November 12th, 2009, 11:06 am


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just to say thanks everyone for all your lovely comments ='D srsly some partcularly nice things have been said and gee...!!!! ....i don;lt know what to blo ddy say!!

@eternalbeleiver I hope you can get a pet at some point!! Dx that sucks man. having a pet seems to somehow brighten the mood in a house! (I dont know what it is)thank you for always posting such lovely little things on this comic- gee thanks ='S

@katiejuby yes, most webcomic communities are full of either BL and sprite comics- altohugh there is nothing wrong with that- most of the stories aren't rly written for much, and thus not very forfilling to read- and theres so much of it it's hard to tell what IS genuinley good (I mean you can get some good BL stories, ect.) i also think it's very rare to find art styles that are unique- on the other hand i know so many greeat and unique looking comics on sj!! but compare those to the 10000's of others Dx;;. anywya wow! toilet genie, is so gergeously coloured, looks dark and kind of kooky! i can't imaigne that printed! awesome =]

@radical train thank you- i'm glad the slow pacing is OK Dx

@gerra i would say the same tihng about your comics!! =) accept you do it better, i feel your pacing isn't too slow, and i can get to know the characters rigt away just by thier body language!! I like how you delve right into your stories <) they are so fun and easy to read~~~ also thank you- it's highly amusing that people have given my silly characters n-ncknames @w@;;; i'm sorry i have yet to reply to your PM Dx it's nice to shat tho =] as always, i would LOVE to always see some fanart from you, since yes, i love your art =) i feel my characters look better with you =D thank you for all the lovely comments =')

@3-e-oclock - yor pacing isnt slow at all! it's perfect, and very natural ( I feel your two characters so far are very natural, i lik the conversation/speeching <3 ) you seem to be updating more regularly now, but take your time, because life happens!! i must admit that i too am a neurotic bastard when it comes to pacing, and i become infuriated/cannot tollerate badly paced comics xD;;

@sissymoomoo (ur mom) GAHH!! I hope you get my message on deviantart =) am indeed sending you a little package or two this weekend!! I just hope it's valid/cool enough Dx Dpon't worry aobutr yours being cheap, i just hope it has that authentic shaz attitude!! XD (I just love receving packaging;) OH SWEET. i tihnk i might sned you some engrish monies, proper posh and everything 8D~~ it;s worth less, but i LOVE it, cause it means i can buy stuff cheap from the big country >D
i've put the picture of emily in there instread of scanning it so it rmeinas a suprise, i hope you like it ;o; and I';D LOVE TO SEE YOU DO TRADTIONAL!! i tihnk your style is really suited to traddtional colouring- get yourself some markers bitch!!

@socksy + @venom LOL XDDD yes, that's right- EVERYONE RAPES EVERYONE IN THIS COMIC.... i'm a pervert >) (I really am, i do have a fetish for tying people up and stuff 80 )

@Piano-kun bleh.... i don;t have anytihng to say other than gee, when i read this comment i was brought to tears ='0 you dont know how much it means more than anything to know that a dtory is being enjoyed....thannkkks so much and i would never bleive that you would natter on aobut this silly story to someone else ;o; golly gee... *cries* thank you ='0

@alice i hope you read this comment/dont mind me too annoying, on the next page i will do some information about the outfits used =) they are not too hard to find on the UK streets!! (if you are interested!) i too really lvoe this style of fashion!! Dx i wish it would come back more (it sort of is but not in the same way -sigh-) GAW!! I reeeeeeaaallly am in love with your drawing style so any artowrk posted by you on DA is a blessing ;w;~ ps. my friend joe has some fanart of your characters he drew!! today i will scan them and send them to you =D

posted on November 12th, 2009, 11:36 am


posted on August 17th, 2019, 6:42 pm


;A;~~ You make me blush on your own comic! You're not supposed to do that! xDD But thanks so much. ;m; I'm glad it's a natural feel, I was hoping very much for that. So it makes me happy you think so. And I'm the same way with pacing. =w= I'm spoiled by Miyazaki and Hosoda Mamoru. ;m;~<3

This page is nice, I wonder what he's doing D: ;asldkfjaskjdf, I wish I had your skillssss as;ldkfjfd. <333

posted on November 12th, 2009, 11:57 am


lol i allways read your artists comments and i swear i allways check for updates like every day even if i know there won't be one. its become part of my daily routine FFFFFF


posted on November 12th, 2009, 4:40 pm


heh heh He has a nice house :D

posted on November 12th, 2009, 4:49 pm


Pfft, what are you talking about? "Silly"? This story is amazing!

Aww, Penelope is so moe-moe. XD

posted on November 15th, 2009, 11:49 am