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October 27th, 2009, 6:12 pm


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=0 =0 =0 i can't bloody belive this comci got a comic spotlight

that's so FLIPPIN' AWESOME!!!!!! Dx

aaarggghhhhhhhhhhhh........ i don't understand why because there are sooo many beautiful comics that deserve somuch more recognition than this comic had in the first place-

but i gotta thank you from the bottom of my heart- thank you THANK YOU thank you so ruddy much!! Dx

rrrghh... don't know what to say... ='0 don't know who reccomended it, but thank you crazy fools!!

posted on October 27th, 2009, 6:17 pm


posted on August 17th, 2019, 6:47 pm


@eternal bleiver: wooow i met you!! XD i'm SO SORRY!! i was so shy and also pretty tired, so sorry if i were so boring to talk to!! Dx in all honesty i am not a fan of expo's, if i meet people i prefer to do it in a place where it's quieter! but WOW it was so cool to meet you, and thank you sooooo much for your drawing!! aslo you looked realy cool as a yakuza XDD!! also i'm very glad you like dthe ebding to the last chapter =D thank you =')

@lemoncake Pump up the volume sounds fantastic!! the brekfast club wasd great but too angsty! also thnak you for all the kind comments ='0 sadly my work just is not good enoguh for publishing- oh how i i wish i knew the key to professional looking work haha! (don't we all!XD )

@Gerra i LOVE your icon!! XD 'het luv?' 'why?' hahaha XD also OMG!!! I LOVE this song and i LOVE frou frou!! have you heard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFgMpRiVMaI ? (of course you have!) also how can you be payin' attention to this comic when this film on the video looks so beautiful 80 finally- it's very not true, your comics and drawings are both worthy of publishing, beleive me ='0 (i'm suprised you haven't tried it yet) - i think you said soemtihng aoub tthe beauty of the female anatomy- and yes- i agree- i just tihnk females are waaay nicer to look at xD (though i have a strange fasination for the male anatomy) and finally, sorry if the P+P is so much ='0 i tired to make it so it's only £1/£1.50 (is that too much?? Dx) please let me know! otherwise, you don;t have to buy it at all if you don't want to as well! =D

@lolcrayon hahah! thank you very very much for all your kind kind comments ='D you are ofc. free to call a character whatever you want! I have a tendancey you nickname your characters as well XD (altohugh i feel to embarrased and end up looking up the real names when i comment on your comic pages haha xD;)

@demochatte thank you so so much for all the kind comments =') i'm just hoping the end of this chapter pulled off OK;;; Dx

@AliceRose GOLLY GEE!!! thank you for bothcommenting and thne buying my book!! I did send you a little PM a while back aobut the book (because there was a questiona nd a problem!) but i decided to send the book to you anyway- i hope you get it soon!! you're so kind and nice Dx

@soxy i laughed so feckin' hard at your comment!! XDD YES!! men's thingys are really weird and ugly..and they smell, don't you think? D8

@anhell thank you for all your kind cmments!! D,: it's just so very interesting to hear it from someone who has mixed feelings!!

@antsypenguin yes!! peornsally i am a big fan of silent comics, and i deifaltye prefer it when a comic is done without words (unless they are needed) one day i hope to have the skills of some of thre best silent comics artist out there =) (like eisner, JASON, ect!)

@cropcircledesigner th-thank you so much for all the kind comments and fro the congrats and all of that ;o;

@id engager BECAUSE your art is sooooo surreal and so amazing anfd sooo creative (omg i LOVE how creative your whole webcomic is...) I would absolutley love to see whatever fanart it is that you made D,,,,x that would be beyond awesome ;o;.. *disbleif*

@grape LOL XD oh man i'm so sorry! (and i'm so suprised no-one nicked our comics!) did you see joe's comic too? =D

@jhac thank you so very much ='0 i' so shcoked and plesantly suprised by your wonderful comment- thank you so much ;o;

@amante kun, thank you!! D'x

@piano-kun (your name is so beautiful!!) firstly don't worry saoubt leaving rnadom comment,s it's very nice to hear people's tohughts on the sotry and things, so thank you for bothering ='DDD wah, from the bottom of my heart, thnak you for wanitng to buy the books!! Dx (tohugh i dont know why!!) yes, i am happy to ship to another country if you really want the books, but i would warn that you'd have to pay for the P+P- so dont worry if you dont want to buy it either ='D

@captain ghost- thnak you!! i cant bleive you managed to read so much!! you have such didication =0 *amazed*

@chiukku GAWWW!! both your art, colours and comment is all so sweet i just want to melt!! D,x thanks so much for such a sweeeet comment ='0 i love your art, btw, it's so adorable *adds you to DA* and hey hye, if it means you'll be poor please don;t worry saoubt buying a book, but thank you for the sentiment ='D

posted on October 27th, 2009, 6:51 pm

Lemon Cake

Well the key to professional looking work is actually an assembly line or one REALLY DEDICATED artist.
D: I think it is worthy of being published.

posted on October 27th, 2009, 9:00 pm


BAWWW il this page fff ;A;<333
The last panel!! *v* it's so gorgeous ;3;
I can imagine passers by dancing and singing~~~ /SHOT OTL||

Bwa buh meee? ;3; are you sure you've got the right person LOL;;; *fails*
eee ;____; expect fanart when I have time~~ ;3; /loveson

posted on October 28th, 2009, 4:04 am


1st of all im so sorry i didnt read your message im really bad at those things

seccond, i dont mind about the fanart at all!! i just wanted to buy your book! i had some spare money and i thought that it would be a good use of it lol!

third, the paypal thing. i'm not too familiar with it, but i'm gonna try to re-send it to the other email... i'm sure i can figure it out lol!


posted on October 28th, 2009, 5:47 am


Its about time you got spotlight, I agree you really do derserve it!Your comic isnt any less greater than the rest!
I was very happy to meet you, it was so amazing, and its okay. It was really fun talking to you. Im sorry about the pic though it was drawn last minute, I could of drawn something allot more interesting than that! xD I wish it wasnt so noisy at the expo though. But it was very fun, im so happy that i got to see your comic in book format and got to buy it straight from you.

posted on October 28th, 2009, 1:53 pm