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page 197

October 2nd, 2009, 9:02 pm


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i deeply appologize for the state of this page- it looks fucking unfinished because of the scanner, it lost a lot of colour. i sincerely appologize and i will fix this soon.

man, thanks a bundle for all the recent veiwing and comments =] thank you ='D

the printing of the book should be soon. i have dedicated the book to all the folk who regularly comment + also people who just regularly read, thank you folks....if you read this- the comic wouldnt be so far in the game w/o you, so thank you so so much =]

@doomles OAO haha no hwere near genius, that's very flabbaghasting! thank you very much, i'm glad you are enjoying the comic ='D

@eternal thank you very much for seeming to enjoy the comic so much xD hurray! I look forward to meeting you and to getting a picture of kim and demi~ =D

@mandu you definately are lovely!! XD very sweet and happy way of talking haha! it's a joy to read your comments, thank you =] ps. what's going on with his pants?! XCD that's fantastic that you noticed that- i'm just going to say it's true since it worked out that way hahaha XD

@thedogowner woah! =0 that's wonderful that you used to live in Berlin!! i'll definately be going- europe rules in general...etter thsan the UK, the comics over there are more varied and interesting D< lucky for you i've never heard f 'Tokio Hotel' XD! but it's sadly true the only german bands over here are the eurovision kind ;_; thank you very much for the wonderful comments ='D thank you for all the reccomendations as well, exellent!! also, nonono, I SUCK AT PERSPECTIVE! Dx

@Id Engager Thank you for commenting and also for all the music reccomendations, that's awesome!! =D

@Alice omg but dude, radiohead and bjork are so brilliant =0 and exeperimental as well, great music!! that's bummy that people think you are weird?! (i find it hard to bleive........eg. radiohead and bjork are famous for a reason <D) LOL i'm pretty sure that your friends share everytihng in common with you <3 ther's no doubt 'bout that, you are too cool for school =]

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