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August 30th, 2009, 10:15 pm


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I'm very happy to receive so many comments and support- over all it;s just wonderful to hear what people are thnking aobut the characters and all~

thank you everyone =)x

@the kid who can fly LOL chips are srsly AMAZING, i stand by it~

@eternal beleiver hahaha ! XD more than anytihng i want to tlak aobut your comic right now....so was it really based ion a real exprience do you really know a guy like kim? also what's going to happen next? does kim watch dmei quite often...? =0 why is he so topsy turvey in peronsality?! sorry to ask so much =]

@imimi i love that you think a character is... -cute- ;; thank you so much ;w;v no really your comic is fabulous! dont say fuck and 'my comic' in the same sentence! I can't wait to see the hot spanish dude...i do hope he's a nasty little bastard >]

@hush_sound i thank you greatly fro your nice comments =] it's cool you have a faveourite character -3-~~;; *undeserving*

@antsypenguin LOL XD and that sounds dman good...i hear chips with mayonaise aint too bad either!

@cropcirlce well your comic is rather stinning to be honest;; it's gergoeus, more people should be looking at it if you aks me..so unique Dx

@syerra th-thank you very much!! ;__; *is touched* seeing the word 'fan' made my day, and i do not deserve it, so thank you ;w;

@the dog owner well, thank you greatly for your art~ <3- and thank you for updating NTF !!!!! XDDD *got exited* it's incredalby selfish of me, but i totally am interested in all these 'scenarios'!! XD you dont have to draw anything, i am so touched that you would ;o; you have such a charming style of drawing.urgh please if you draw any 'fanart' just draw me a nice little something of noel...please *requesting*

@lolcrayon BWHAHAHAH XD! well, i am very shocked and suprised that anyone would want to do this sort of thing with characters from such a quaint and dull comic such as this one;; but why would you feel afriad to do soemtihng like that with any comic?! =D if anytihng i consider it a privalige and an honour =') *is touched* you are so sweet and polite =] dare i say.. *hugs* also I know, the dog owner's art is godamn amazing...more people shoudl be reading her comic if you ask me >0

sorry to write so much =|

most everyone talked about chips! yeah chips are brilliant- are you referring to american chips or british chips? (fish and chips)

posted on August 30th, 2009, 10:45 pm


posted on August 17th, 2019, 6:52 pm