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July 21st, 2009, 7:15 pm


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@omgmary yes!! great song right? m-flo are an exellent band~ <3 altohugh, i'm sad to say orbit-3 goes with the previous chapter XD I'm sorry the song doesnt go with the previous chapter ;o; but i think its true that the purple/pink really suits orbit-3 a lot more =)

@Em, thank you for your kind wo0rds, its truely encouraging and great to know the new style looks OK-- thank you so so much!! D'x

@katie thank you very very much for your opinion ='D I very much appreciate it~ ='D <3 (you are also very sweet! XD)

@sokoloo I'll just say one thing; i'm well up for speaking sokolloo's nifty lingo. I'm in love with it and next time i go ionto the twitteroo you and me are going to speek solokloo lingo >D also JUBLILATION!!! - am so diggin' this word and it will now be my new 'cool' word DDDX LOL@ aphro-dite-adonis and jiggy piggy. it reminds me of 'ziggy piggy ziggy piggy' frum the bill and ted XDDD~

@hush i love your name, and your icon ='D i look forward to reading your comics as it seems you have some? =DD did you write or draw? (i saw two authors)

for the information, i draw using a mapping nib dipping pen, with brown ink- for colour, the big brighter colours (like clothes) are marker- the browns ect. are actually guahce, but i use it WRONGLY, so really it's just watercolours xD;;; (used badly)

@the-dog-owner see the above for info on colours XD what is acryl?? =0 acutlaly i have a feeling your work would look beautiful with watercolour ='D I hope to see someday maybe.... *dreams* XD thank you very much for the opinion on the current art- it's incredably helpful and i am incredably greatful ='D gaaah! XD I made the mistake- since the m-flo song was meant for the last chapter and not for this one ! my basd for not explaining >.< sorry!! ;o; but also, i TOTALLY agree! and i tihnk the song fits this colour more- and yeah i really tihnk you can relate colours to music! =D

OMG!! yay! I love my soju!!~~ thank you very very much for the reccomendations, this means i shall probably be ranting to you bout thme in future XD I hope you don't mind haha! thanks a billion!

@eternal hahah XD my story telling skills are piss-poor;; my appologies!

@imoomoo waah i totlaly missed you and i hope you've recived all my random comments to things xD;; <3 i want to give you a sound bite of my friends derranged south-london cockney accent! thank you very much for the encouraging comments- they keep me alive, ;o;~

posted on July 21st, 2009, 7:15 pm


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