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July 19th, 2009, 6:34 pm


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thank you everyone, for your support and comments right form the start =') I'm incredably greatful for all the readers and comments, too...words can't even express the grattitude- thanks a MILLION!! ='D

@the samurai yeah!! I totlaly bleive that everyone portrays expriences of life into thewir comics evne if they are surreal/real/whatever =) hmmm ='( could it be you are a victim of unrequited love? in whuch case, i know what you mean and i've been there- bt don't worry if it's any conselation, i tihnk love will definately bite ou in the ass when you least expect it!

@suxin yes! I do see a hint of azumanga and a!yotsuba in there =D what a great picture!

@eternal, your comic is getting so exiting at the moment! I'm bummed that it can't happen right now- i commend and thank you for updating so so frequently! hmph, i just like messy comics, i se thme as raw and traddtional, i like it~ i feel this goes for your art too, it rmeinds me of fashion illustration =)

@arym i must thank you verymuch for all the support you are giving the comic, it's wonderful to know- thamk you =) also, wow, you cna read comics from your phone? is it an iphone? =000 (i rlelay like the look of those...hahaha; >>superficial-ish xD )

@cropcircle- that icon is your glorious art...so beautiful...

@ihatedogowners, thank you for all your support form thebottom of my heart!! such a sweetie ;o; I'm really loving how your comic is coming along >D I'm such a big noel fan hahah;;; (it's weird to be obsessed everytime you see that character..) also, i love korean and in general azn dramas!! so terrbly ceesy but i love them xD can you reccomend any good ones? sorry to bother >.<;

@imoomoo there is not need to appologizeof course! you are free to not comment and comment as you like =D! also i'm rellay diggin' the look of both your comics, visually the design of both is incredably individual, your art in that sense has really one-uped <3 that's amazing that you recovered so quickly! and isn't it lovley to be geninly liked by a guy =) howd it go with him? haha nosey xD;

posted on July 19th, 2009, 6:50 pm


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