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July 7th, 2009, 12:56 pm


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my sincere appologies for the lack of backgrounds. it's supposed to give atmosphere but i'm not sure if that has been pulled off;;.

also i'm not really sure if this is looking any good, this change in mediums. i'm hoping it's obvious to be a flackback.

@imimi sorry to get mixed up on that !!
no way, awesome song, and i hope you are tlaking aoubt this singer- cause she looks damn hot to me! XD i proper digg that beat, what a great beat

@em, wow, thank you very, very much Dx srsly wasn't expecting that;; it's really not a great comic though! I've seen much much better around here =D but i deeply appreciate it- and i'm just glad that it's not dissapointing you yet =']

@socky lol, i LOVE all of those nicknames (srsly brocili head, fantastic nick name XDD ), although i'm havin' a hard time trying to figure out who is who and what means what, please speak more of this suave lingo >D~

@arym ooh, what do you remember from this cartoon? Itd be interesitng if we could figure out what it is!! =D also, quite simply, i whole heartidly agree- i think it's time for teachers to step up and realise that the influence of anime is now apart of the western society. =) I also agrre that a good understadning and knowlage of the realistic arts is VERY important =)

posted on July 7th, 2009, 1:22 pm


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