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June 30th, 2009, 1:11 pm


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@sock puppet: sadly, your idea about his shirt is much better than what is actually there XD which is 'go diggin' and 'smile' yeah...
thank you for the advice, btw, in the future i'll put sometihng more relevant there xD; donno why i never tohught of it 8B;;
woooow! you are not that young! xD ahhh i'm getting so old XD; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgHTKFccdTE - medabots~

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmAe-Uf70eY&feature=related -shinchan =D

@dog-owner LOL XD what kind of perosn is your uncle?! I see xD and yess yess shinchan was so cool ='D I wish they'd show it again. it shouldn't have been shown to kids prehaps xD; thank you for the kind comments, too <3~

@arym, well, i must thank you from the very bottom of my heart. ='D srsly stunned me when i read your comment..; and it was incredably uplifting and inspiring- so thank you very, very muhc, you have no idea!! ='0 also thank you for the layout! I'm so exited 8O.... also, your particular comment on genre- wow, that was very wise an accurate- i've always been open to all genres of music (well, only in my later years relaly) but i don't tihnk i;ve ever thought of it as specificly as, 'everyone is different in a different way and we should appreciate the differences, rather than tryign to all be the same'. i agree whole heartedly with this comment =)also, one of the ideas behind this comic is to promote this kind of thinking, so this is lovely!!

@eternal yes!! I too, was actually growing up with all of these shows (monster rancher yeah!! omg!!) and beofre i knew about CCS i watched Card captors xD;. I guess they were just around when the anime boom was really big in the UK... if it helps, they do still play some- medabots at least is on this new cxhannel called 'kix' on satelite, and they re-play cardcaptors on ITV3 sometimes- i hope you can catch them again!! =D

@moomoo , tbh i cannot wait to draw fanart for siren DDDx I'm just awaiting your approoval..;;; well i really just felt thr comic needed more promotion, it was getting overlooked, as well as the other ones- i lvoe all the talent on smackjeeves =D~

srsly, 'god smiles everytime yoiu maturbate' is a VERY GOOD idea, and i'm going to try and fit that in somehwere in this comic FFS (I hope it's true as well, how lovely would that be?! 8D) god is very perverted, but that's wonderful~ and LOL XD yeahh!! when i was young i was very 'umg, digimon is so shite and just a rip off of pokemon, nyrrrrr :|' you are right, it probably is a rip off of pokemon XD but Yu-Gi-Oh is muuuuch newer than digimon haha xD

does anyone remember shuffle as well? sorry, no more 'do you remembers' >.<; also appologies for the mass essays.;

posted on June 30th, 2009, 1:31 pm


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