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June 28th, 2009, 6:49 pm


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and thus (i hope) a tiny conflict props up in the story.;; =S

@konstan- oh no i wouldn't be feeling stupid, because i use the guache in a fail watercolour fashion XD so yeah you are right to tihnk it's watercolour! Guache SHOULD be used like this: Image34 you know like all those cool close=ups in spongebob xD! yeah i wish i was talented to use guache like this ;o;

@pear great tools, i love that you use crayons =DD to ink these pages i use brown ink and a dipping nib pen, i use mapping nibs which give a nice thin line =] (though the way i ink is pretty poor haha!)

@em, wow that's great! you use so many different mediums, and so many interesting mediums! (i dont get sharpies where i come from, how interesting!)

@moomoo, i LOVE your new comic dood, and srsly am wating right now for you to update *has checked S.J. three ties already today* Dx so yes, i am going to plug your comic anywho XD it would be an absolute privalge if you plugged my comic ='D

@eternal, i am interested, what kind of pens do yu use to ink? and yes, i too am a big pusher of traddtional! however, i am really digging all the new digital stuff that is coming out recently =] also, i think your stuff would look beautiful in nib!
yes, yes disco costume is AWESOME D8

@mikkem ='DDD i'm very exited that you are reading my comic. i'm rellay looking forward to your comic, it sounds so so awesome and i am totlaly into the aahh!! I can't lrt style you are pressin'~ so thank you very, very much for the compliments, i just sincerely hope you get to enjoy the story >.<; and- wheey!! i can't bleive you use tablet! (I suck at tablets ;;)

@the dog owner: ahh!! I can't believe you say this when YOUR art is so so much better D8;;; also i can't bleive what little fans you have for your comic..., it's truely wrong- your stuff is very professional ='0 thank you dearly for your comments and...well i don't know what else to say ='D

well i'm just stoked. =') i write too much

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