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June 19th, 2009, 4:30 pm


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appologies for a lack of updating, my pc is going crazy >.<; i have a lack of nibs so it might be a while, but i'm going to try and update everyday =D i suppose this is really just a self-determined message!

@zebra i'm inspired by seth for the pacing- his books are amazing for that sort of tihng, doing interesting and realstic transistions =D

@crayon <3 thank you for all the sweet comments as always!! and where is it you live? (Canada?) must be an awesome place DD: i just wanted to mention i totlsaly loved your comic on Da, i hope you use those characters a gain XD (the guy= verrry handsome) the build up was fecking great xD I laughed a lot haha XD

@anhell, i've always wnated to know are you from japan? if so have you lived there all your life- your amazing skills in manga suggest you have had a lot of influences of it as a kid! sorry for the odd question xD;;
also, thank you very much for the coment, also yeah!!! I really love 50's style, i wish it would come back- i like to do that too! (with old folk haha) :'D your comments are so very sweet!<3 haha xD;

@eternal - oh wow i can't bleive how young everyone was when pokemon was around! (I rmember it so well!) and YESSS digimon was so so awesome and much better imhpo as wlel XD i *think* dgimon is still gping in japan, it's a real bum that it doesn't air over here =0

@Socky - oh no! I really hope you ar enot too dissapointed by the name of clifford! please not that 'clifford' remanes in italics, so it remains to be through the sotry that this migh tnot even be his real name-
yes indeed- well...i use guache but i use it the wrong way, to look like watercolours =S;;; Yes!! I agree it's adventure-fun 8D
tegaki-e is so much fun ='D i will be on more often now tablet is back on =D

@moomoo DOOD yes like clifford the big red dog (WHO IS AMAZING!!) you come from new york and you get that show?!! =DDD it's so English!! XD and thank you very very much for your wonderful adorable comments ='D
and wow!! XD well when it (offically) started i was 6 80 but i were 10 when it came on...which means you were 5..? DDx that's so cute haha !! xD

posted on June 19th, 2009, 4:57 pm


posted on September 21st, 2019, 1:49 pm


This comic is so indielicious! It's like nothing I've ever read :')
Makes me want to grow my bangs, listen to obscure music and hoik my trousers up to an alarming height.

posted on June 7th, 2010, 6:46 pm