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Track 04- page 97

May 4th, 2009, 4:06 pm


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pear: hahaha! xD cute you are!

here is the title page for track 04- probably my most faveourite track on the m-flo EXPOEXPO album, as well- 'what it is' - i like the name too...

sadly the youtube video cannot appear yet, but i will let you know when it does, because i demand that people listen to this beautifuly composed and produced peice of hip hop. it has a wonderful mixture of NY jazz, and japanese hip hop =DDD

information; i suppose it is this track which gave me the kind of bones of the story- for m-flo and what they are about as a band is being different, creative, and at the time taking japnese hip hop to new levels.

i sincerely hope in this chapter, you got to see the two sides of the dustmites. inded it is true i wanted to (i hope i did) give the impression that bascially, the dustmites are just fading away like all music, and are feeling kind of bitter about it- the idea is that they are really quite weak/intimidated even if they don't appear that way-

apparently most 50's bands acutlaly do feel kind of bitter about it D8 I feel back in the day they must have been quite powerful =)

sorry to babble =0

posted on May 4th, 2009, 4:22 pm


posted on September 19th, 2019, 2:36 am



here it is! =D enjoy

posted on May 4th, 2009, 4:52 pm


My lord, you've come such a long way!! I can't believe I've followed this for more than 90 pages. It's that good and I'm that addicted =D Good job!

Hemm..looks like I made a pretty good guess about the Dustmites =3 Mean as they appear, I'm starting to really like them as well. Can't get Lucy's puppy dog eyes out of my head! I Love Lucy (there's a sitcom - is it considered a sitcom? - I used to watch and enjoy xD)

And, I realize that you've been asking us questions about ourselves. I'd like to ask you a few if you don't mind xD One is, how's it going with your book? I remember feeling very excited when you told us it was out. So I hope it's doing well =3 And next question is, what sort of manga do you enjoy reading? Any particular favourites?

Oohh I checked out the m-flo song, it's superb! Not much into hiphop, but it's a nice song. I actually get the feeling of far-out-mantic, when I was listening to that song! Hmm, I love misia, personally :D

posted on May 6th, 2009, 10:43 am