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October 12th, 2010, 1:10 pm


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fellas, thank you so much for your opatence and understanding- i was so worried, this really helped me out ='D

thank you so so much, is all i can say =')

@hayleythecat my teeth are not better guy >=I ilu man and your comic, so much arrgh lol, as in i'm just very addcited right now..sorry i had to mention it x'D

@3eoclok LOL man i loved your reaction to the last page, thanks so much ='D also thnkyou for your tumblr comment dude ='D you're so awesome for sticking around =)

@alice your cray for liking that last page so much, but thank you for that, andthank you for your DA comment about how you have to pretend to like Jay-- i'm going to give you a long reply to that, give me time and i will- sorry i'm taking so long tho =I

@tezzle i could hear your sarcasm, i couldnt tell if this was an insult or not, but at the end of the day your reading the comic so i guess it's a...compliment? x'D in any case, to be honest i've had a crush on someone for a long time, i assumed they didnt like me and out of nowhere they told me they did- it was a shock to me but everyone around me was like 'wyf you couldnt tell?' so i personally thnk if you're the one you can't tell ='D

@renna i thnak you so much for your enthusiasm, thank you ='D i hope this sint too boring is all Dx

@mildtrantula thnak you for your passionate comment,s they warm my heart =)

@novembertree thank you for your wonderful comment,s i feel really blessed that you'd say that about as character of mine dude ='D

@guest thank you x'D but who are you man? haha ='D thank you stranger =)

@peacelovelexi thank you so much for your enthusiams ='D this mademy day <'D

@connectthebot LOL thank you so much x'D

@lackadaisy thank you so much sweethrt ;w;c

@thesirensings aobut wriitng your own version of what the character is tihnking:- don't appologie for doing that, it really overlwems me with happiness i love that ='D also your comment on th elast page was just so heartwarming, thank you so much ='D

@gwnne thank you, that means so much to me, srlsy you have no idea Dx

@heigei *hugggsss*

@lolwhutkaya- dude dont worry, i LOVE that phrase!! haha, 'i'm in a pickle' ='D thank you so much for your comments ='D

@mandy-kun thnak you so much ='D

@demochatte th-thank you man, that comment made my day ='D

@snowdrunk LOL xD peornsally i find it thehardest thing in the owrld to admit to soemone i like them, phew! thank you ='D

@eternal thnak you a salways for all your comments my goodness you take the time to comment on every page ='D

@gerugeru i suck at story tleling and you know it dude! talk to me soon anyway, i missing you too much man D: but thnakds for comemtning on these pages =')

@enchantana BUSTED!! know phenias and ferb? xD

@merlillian ahaha xD I promise by my exporience if you;re t heone being liked you never can tell!! (but yeha it was obvious haha;) thank you man for commenting ='D

@dani-dono gosh, this comment came out of th elbue and relaly made my day- thank you so so much, i'm jus thappy you are enjoyin gthe story so far, i hope it does not dissapoint? x0

posted on October 12th, 2010, 2:30 pm


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posted on October 12th, 2010, 2:57 pm


Omygosh just looked at your front page. your comic is finished!? awww so this will be your last update? :S

posted on November 6th, 2010, 10:41 am