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September 10th, 2010, 2:03 pm


i'm a bit worried

i posted a load of pages 9about 11 and alll in thr wrong order, so i've delted all of them, if you caight that pdate, forget it and don;t read it, just you know, read the new update...

...that problaby makes no sense but BAH i can't bleiove i fuked up a big update...*groans at self*

*runs off crying* x'(

July 7th, 2010, 4:46 am

possible long pause ='( i wont say the H word

hullo folks if you read this,

to be fair i am drawing comic right now so idk how true this is- but just to want you it might be a long long time before anymore upodates,

1.) i'm in massive constnat pain, (no idea why) and so i'm not doing much right now, it's hard to gather inspiration;

2.\) i've literlaly ran out of money- literlaly i've used all my over draft- what little money i have should be spent on food and bills, which is in my pocket and it's about £30 *laugh*

and i get all my art materials from the internet anyway since our local art shop does not stock that stuff ;n;- anyway, art mateirals for me end up costing quite a bit, so with no money in my bank account i can't do anything for a while

so there probably won't be any pages until i get a job or some kind of funding

on the other hand, i always find a way haha XD so this comic isn't on hiatus as such, and most likely i'm just being over dramatic and it will sort itself out soon.

i might have some colour left in one marker so i may be able to post some pages up soonish

but you can garruntie at least that as long as i have some paper left i'm at least penciling pages *laugh*

okay, that's all- i know this was pretty useless to read- i guess it rly doesnt matter to people when a webcomic updates, i guess it just matters to me since it's almost finished - so maybe this is more for myself.

if you did read, god bless you ='D thank you for reading and all th esupport in general- over and out =)

April 19th, 2010, 4:03 am

big big question, informing and wondering

this is a bit boring; and it's a bit of a ramble/essay, but heck if anyone reads this thank you!

ooon another note........... so when this comic is finished, i wanted to think about seriously publishing it all into one big book- i don't think it's good enough that publishers would want it ofc. but i could publish it myself with ISBN and everything. my only problem is i would need money to do that XD i was wonderign if when this comic is finished would it be a good idea to put up one of those donation things and ....*cringe* ask for money towards a graphic novel?

is that asking too much?? is it being stingy? is this comic prehaps not even worth that? XD if you cold let me know tat would be fantastic- honest thoughts are welcome- if you geuinley think this comic isn't worth funding for a graphic novel, please let me know cause i understand =[) i need all POV's!! (some things should remian just webcomics/smallpress after all!) thank you so much for your input if you do input =)


so anyway i'm going through a tough one right now, and the next month is going to be insane as I am indeed finishing university. since i am also doing comics at uni, for now this comic's updates maybe incredably slow;

i know no-one would care much! but i really do care a little bit (i really wish to update freqently and get annoyed at myself when i do not- of course dont we all??) So I am thinking of once again setting up a more regular updating scedual, and try and update for every saturday/sunday.

anyway i just wanted to warn for not just small lack of updates but a serious lack of updates in the next month, after that, I'M FREEEE!!! *laugh* ok i think this is more for myself than for anyone else, but thank you for reading.

March 23rd, 2010, 2:54 pm


I've been quite ill the last week and a half with a bad bad cold, it's getting better but it's taking a while to shift, as such i've lost the energy to do comics.

just wanted to say, because i am not sure when the next update will be or how long it's gonne take.

it's not that important, but i feel the need to say it because genrally i feel guilt when i am not dong my comic;; mostly this is pretty much for myself *laugh*

it' pissing me off, i mean i had to miss 2 parties and i'm supposed to be doing a comic for uni to which has stopped..uurgh you know when you're sick and so you loose artistic inspiration? kind of like kiki's delveryservic..does anyone else get that?

bleh...*goes to sleep*

February 9th, 2010, 6:43 am

uuh F.A.Q? Dx


i personally have no interest in reading F.A.Q's *laugh*

however the next book of this comic is going to be printed in the following week. i have spare pages, and tweeted about an F.A.Q , people seemed interested.

so ...if i you don't mind me asking Dx please answer honestly!! wouild you want to see an FAQ in this book?

and secondly, if you do, please post your questions here- thank you for reading if you did, and god bless you for giving out some questions if you make the effort to!

thank you =)

December 2nd, 2009, 12:40 am

a qestion

sorry to be an ass. i hope people read this.

i've recently just realised how rbbish and grainy and pixelted the comic pages are on this webcomic. not to mention, i always FULLY aware of the horrible contrast and colour the scnner gives to the pages.

it really bothers me (and i mean it is reaaallly bothering me) esspecially because my art work is messy enough as it is >:( and i work very hard to make it clean and suitable enough, and the quality is just shite.

i am amazed people put up with it... thank you very, very much btw. but i just wanted to know a) does anyone else feel this way about these comic pages?? you can be honest. maybe i ma just being paranoid, i dont know =_=;
b.) does anyone have any good scanning tips on scanning pages to not make the contrasts and colours so poor?

i do appolgize if you really did take the time to read this (god bless you) I understand it's terribly neurotic.;

thank you if you do reply with an answer and some tips =)

January 29th, 2009, 6:40 pm


my nose is blocked, my body is aching..head feels like it's dying all the time,

so i donno how regular my updates will be for a while. i'll ty but just sayin', can't promise much.

January 17th, 2009, 3:03 pm


i'm late again-

i've been to a wedding! it was fun! thT'S WHY <)
I'll post images tommorow...

i want to thank the recent comments, again!! the support is amazing... i'm really greatful that the colour pages are OK. off to read smackjeeves comics~~~!!!

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